Carla asked me to add in my summer MVP to assist with wardrobe building. Here is my collection of well used pieces that I have been particularly enjoying. Most are natural fibres except the blue floral dress and the black pussy bow knit.

Work (at the office)
- I have been enjoying this black knit top with both pairs of wide leg cropped pants and sandals.
- I also like the eyelet blouse with the wide crops too (or with denim on cooler days)

Work from home
- The white floral dress has been fantastic for working from home, I could wear it to the office as we are casual but I don't. I wear it with the brown sandals or birks.

Weekend casual/Beach
- the sage dress with birkenstocks
- the denim shorts with the mint linen popover
- the blue floral dress (it is so close to worn out - I imagine it will make about two-three more wears)

- the black jumpsuit with birkenstocks or the black EF sandals (last year I wore this in a more dressy way, it is now a washed black which I like but it feels more casual)

- sunglasses and usually a hat (not in finds)

Current gaps
- a white top that is less bare than the camisole
- replacement for the floral dress (in no rush here)

It would be great if other forum members from NZ, Australia or other Sthern Hemisphere countries could add in their MVP for the current summer.