Suz- what is more amazing: your way with words, your warmth or your fashion savvy? I will bench warm before I choose only one. YLF and I love your summer summary. Huge tribute to all!

You've become a master self-stylist! It's a lot of fun to see it all together. My favorites are you in the striped pencil skirt. Just because you look so very very good in that silhouette!

What a GREAT post, Suz. And I feel exactly like you.
You look so fab in these pics, no wonder you are enjoying summer so much!
Hugs to you.

What a great post, Suz! You look fantastic in every outfit. Count me in on the VC tube parade as I love wearing mine. I NEVER thought I would wear a tube skirt, but the VC's are very comfy and dare I say, flattering.

What a joy to read and a feast for the eyes to peruse your photos!! Fantastic compilation!! Thanks SO much for sharing, Suz! You are effortlessly chic and I love.every.single.outfit on you. Wow. I'd like to print out the collage and post it in my closet for inspiration. Seriously. Going back to browse at your photos.

Toasting your summer salute to all and the way you shine your light and style. You are a master at shopping and outfit creation and I love them all, Suz! Lifting my wine spritzer to you. Cheers!