Beyond the beyond.

What a totally fun post!

I agree, your style is firing on all cylinders this summer -- I'm feeling similarly about my summer wardrobe, for the first time probably ever! It's so great that we have had so many fashionable, comfortable options for summer this year, and that we have the YLF community to draw inspiration from. Thanks for sharing this, Suz!

A great post. I am enjoying your recap of outfits. I see some classic styles (crisp shirts, bermuda shorts) with fun colors (pink, olive) and whimsical prints (cat shirt) and my favorite the drape of things (cropped trousers, the midi length skirt, the black jumpsuit with the denim jacket). You have nailed your style this summer and it's been fun to watch! I hope fall is just as good for you!

Suz - you are a true inspiration - both as a Fabber and as a human being.

You have cultivated an exquisite summer wardrobe with beautiful pieces that work incredibly well for all aspects of your busy life. Pat yourself on the back beautiful lady

Brava, Suz! I read this post with such delight. I do love your writing. You truly look gorgeous in each and every one of your outfits. I've had a fair amount of the lemming-aid myself (thanks for the mention - I'm *so* happy with my sandals), and I've had a much easier time dressing this summer, too. What I like most is how flattering these outfits are to different body types. Also, they are just so uncomplicated. Thanks for echoing my own thoughts in such a brilliant way.

This was a fun read, and you are just gosh-darn beautiful! The outfits are obviously also fab.

Great outfits! You have a great summer wardrobe! I can't even pick a favorite they're all so good.

What a treat to wake up to this morning Suz! Beautiful Lady (check) Fab Summer Styles (check) Fantastic Inspiration (check) Entertaining Writing (check). I'm really blown away by how many great outfits you've just showcased here and love how you gave the fun details about them.

Thank you for sharing your wardrobe and inspiration!

You are an inspiration to me. The outfits are perfect on you and I should look at your posts when I have those moments when I have "nothing" to wear.

You say lemming, I say inspired! You have captured the essence of The YLF community magic. Every outfit is a winner, just like you.

Killer to the power of Killer

Sizzling Summer Sensational Suz. 

Suz, you are truly an example of "style shining from within". You radiate an inner glow and strength no matter what. Your incredible attitude, wisdom and warmth go way beyond your killer style. These qualities shine on everyone around you each day, which is a gift to us all. 

Much love. xo

Angie, I am blushing bright red!!

Thanks so much for your very sweet words and most of all your shining example.

So cute! I can just feel the enthusiasm. And for summer no less! Good on you

These look great! You have figured out a fabulous formula that works for you.

I'm particularly struck by the belts. Where did you get them?

Thanks, Keruchina.

The pewter metallic belt is from Fossil; I got it at The Bay (Canadian dept. store).

The cognac belt is from a consignment shop in Toronto; it's originally from Italy.

The white belt is a cheap "made in China" belt found at a costume store.

The taupe belt is from Mexx a few years ago.

The raspberry belt is from GAP.

Sorry, no links because they are all older.

Suz, you are just SO CUTE. You are stunning in every picture! I agree that the stripe tube skirt is fab on many people. I wish I had one. I also particularly like the grey, black and white outfit with pony pumps, and the sheer white sweater with rolled-up grey pants and silver sandals. So breezy and effortlessly chic!

Look at you, sharing all the glory with YLF and mentioning everyone by name! That is so like you, and one of the many reasons you are so loved here dear Suz.

I'm so happy you had such a stellar wardrobe to dress from and the cooler weather to really enjoy it. Yay! You look so happy and fabulous in every picture. I hope these lovelies will last you many Summer seasons.

The pleasure was all mine, Darling Suz. How fun it is for ME to see you enjoy shopping and have fun with your Summer style. xo

It seems that some of us come to YLF with a plan to find prettier, cooler clothes. We try new things and learn to be bold, but, if we pay attention and begin building wardrobes for our real lives, we arrive at a place where our personal style allows us to express ourselves simply, but with great individuality and strength --- presenting a consistent self with many different facets, instead of a woman trying to fit the culture around her.

You are a trailblazer in personal style, Suz. All of these looks harmonize with your lifestyle and your lovely features. An item can be simple, but fit, fabric and color have been artfully chosen, and the sum is greater than the parts. There is plenty of interest, but you are the star. I'm attempting the same trail, and find your posts so encouraging!

I'm sooooo late to this thread (blame holiday packing) but I am wowed!!!!

Suz, you are an absolute star! I love each and every one of these. Can I be like you when I grow up? Added to favourites

Love this, thanks for the recap!!!

What a great post - you are truly inspiring! So glad your wardrobe was in a very good place for summer and I hope you keep enjoying all your fab recent purchases for a long time and showing up how you mix them up. I didn't spot any of my lemming items, but I'm slower to adopt and follow.

Omg Suz!!! What stunner set of outfits and all so very Suz even if all of them were inspired by X. Wow! I am in awe. No words. No more words!

Thank-you Suz!
I now have the perfect set of Fab pics and inspiration to see me through our coming S/S with style

Wow! That was fun to read and enjoy your outfits! You have great legs too! My favorite is the blue sack dress but you look adorable in every single picture. Thanks for sharing!

Ha, Lynn. Great legs. That is the joke of the century. My legs are stubby! But thanks to YLF I know how to disguise it and work with what I've got.

Wow, what an amazing post Suz! I can not say what I enjoyed more, the wonderul writing or the photos of your amazing outfits. You seem to be having quite a summer.

I am also finding that I am really enjoying my wardrobe this summer, possibly as much as ever in such heat.

Tanya, your wardrobe and mine have a LOT of overlaps, so no wonder you're enjoying yours! And thank you, as ever, for the inspiration.

Honestly, Suz, this is such a stunning array of outfits that I have *plonked* and I can't get up

P.S. What Beth Ann said.

Love the outfits, love the write-up, and love the sentiments!