In my effort to cull my wardrobe, I took Sal's advice and started with warm weather and I have started with one of my hardest situations...dressy. Doing the exercises on Carla's link, I realised I have the best success when I wear minimal unfussy clothes. I am not likely to go to a ball in the next 6 months so it is more likely to be a cocktail party, formal dinner or garden party. Open to comments and suggestions about the outfits and where I could wear them (or if I shouldn't leave the house in that get up!)
I have a few black pants and wanted to see if I could do some dressier looks with them as I bought them to wear as workwear but don't wear them much.
pic 1 - 2 black pants (country road) and a tangerine sleeveless top with black shoes. Found out these pants have some stitching undone on the side but it will be easy to repair. I also have a navy pair, same brand same style.
pic 3 CR black pants and white shirt (zara)
pic 4 CR black pants and white shirt (zara) tucked
pic 5 CR black pants and shorter white shirt (basics)
pic 6 Veronica maine pants rolled up with Zara shirt
pic 7 Zara pants and mustard shirt
pic 8 Zara pants and brown floral shirt (has elastic hem)
pic 9 zara pants and olive top.
Last pics are of two dresses I have which are more dressy. I don't know if the shift dress is my style but I really like the colour. The green dress is one my nieces found when they were thrifting. initially they gave to my sister but she lent it to me once. I told her if you ever throw the dress out, send it to me, so she did.
pic 10 Veronika maine dress and green wedges
pic 11 VM dress and beige wedges
pic 12 Thrifted dress by Alquema (Australian designer) with beige wedges
pic 13 same dress beige wedges.
I am open to getting more dressy shoes to go with the dresses which I might need to do for winter, but you will never find me in stilettos or court shoes. I do also have my midi skirts which I can attempt to dress up.
This exercise is starting to teach me the value of having a few outfits planned for various types of situations even down to popping out for coffee. This is all very exhausting. I need to go and have a cup of tea.

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