Mme Texstyle posted a really nice olive/white/navy summer capsule today (or yesterday- I'm a little behind from being away this week) and it at first excited me because I like the colours and we share some similar clothing tastes. Then I got a little down remembering my frustrations every summer with trying to find flattering clothes for our hot weather in June - September. I was trying to figure out what it is about summer clothes that I find so difficult - and while I should have been working away diligently at my desk, instead had a bit of an epiphany and thought I would share it in case I'm not the only one who struggles in summer.

I realized that there is no summer counterpart to how I like to dress in Fall, Winter and Spring : long over lean, blurring my bust and midsection with heavy and drapey knits, and generally wearing leggings, ponte pants or skirted leggings when I'm not wearing jeans. I don't tuck or semi tuck because I don't have the body for it, and that's ok in winter, but in summer, I end up wearing fluid fit t-shirts with random shorts on my off-days and feel like a rag bag. For work, I resort to semi loose- fit gear-type dresses or denim dresses, and that's about it.
For those casual days where you aren't dressed up or able to wear that third piece that can sometimes pull it together, what is the solution ? Do any of you also fear summer dressing ? Or am I crazy? I'm trying not to get way ahead of myself, but I don't want to repeat the frustrations I've felt for the past many summers. Interested in your thoughts - even if you don't experience this yourself.