I like both dresses on you, and I agree with Angie and Brooklyn about the second one.

What Shevia said. I liked the 2nd dress best and thought the first one was a case of seeing dress before seeing you, but both are great dresses if alterations work out.

I'm sorry Janet that I can't like the second dress. It looks like what I call a "dressing gown" to me, kinda what Rachylou mentioned about a bathrobe. It is better with the sleeves narrowed and shortened. But I don't think the deep V suits that well, and I don't find it that flattering compared with your usual looks. So... I'm a nay on that one myself.
On the other hand I love the first dress. Especially with those pretty sandals. I do think I could be biased as it's my style. I love boho. Closing the gappy bit should be possible but looks fine as is. I think you look gorgeous in that one and much more like you.
I am nervous to disagree with Angie!

I like both dresses on you, given that you are able to have the alterations you suggested done. I do think a slimmer sleeve and an adjustment of the v neck would make the second dress a favorite.

The first one should be an easy fix with a small dart/tuck under the arm, but I’d take it to a tailor to be sure before you cut the tags. The second dress I’m not so crazy about on you, but I do like the first.

Love the first one of you—the neckline is really flattering, and the colours and detailing are gorgeous. For the second, I like your suggestion about narrowing the sleeves and maybe shortening the hemline.

Thanks for all the feedback! Much appreciated. It seems the first one is a slam dunk, as long as the alteration is feasible, and even without, it's still totally wearable -- I'm not going to flash anyone, it's just a small gap.

The varying opinions on the second dress are mirroring my own feelings. The neckline is a bit problematic. I wore it for a little while during try-on, pinned as it is here, and the neckline sits really low when I move around, and especially when I sit down. I don't like a layer underneath it because 1) it further complicates the lines of an already busy dress, and 2) I don't want more layers in summer. There is plenty of fabric in the BACK of the dress, but for my body, it could have been cut with a bit more room in the bust. I'm thinking this dress might be fidgety even with the alteration.

I realize that when shopping for certain items, I'm really subject to FOMO. Casual, below-knee dresses are hard for me, as you can see here. Short torso, big hips, big bust, long legs. I can't wish away my figure challenges, much to my chagrin, so I have to make do with the limited options that work for me. Frustrating because I really don't think my body is so freakish! When I find something that "works" (even with flaws), I'm so tempted to cling to it because i'm afraid I won't find anything better. But I've made the mistake before of doing that only to find that the little niggling issues with a dress are enough to make me not reach for it when it's time to get dressed. I'm getting wiser about this!

I really like the first dress and think it looks great on you. I was thinking (like others) that you could bring the shoulder up to fix the bust issue. I have that alteration done frequently because my shoulders are uneven. Like Angie, I actually find the stripes make the second dress look edgier than the first. My problem with it is the fit issues at the bust/neckline. If the deep V can't be altered and it will make you uncomfortable, than it should go back.

Hi Janet --

Following the crowd, here --

1st dress yes (coloring, flattering, boho summer side, unusual). However I would suggest you try with a bra for fit, too...structure that supports when walking around the house vs structure that supports when walking quickly on pavement = two different things in my world, but maybe you wouldn't wear this for that.

2nd dress pass, and if you keep absolutely make the sleeve alteration. [Is there a shoulder seam? Because I might take the sleeves off entirely if so.]

This reads very much like a retro classic dress -- especially adding in the riff on Breton navy/white stripes.

Of course there's nothing wrong with that and it's a style I personally love and it shows off your hourglass shape so well -- but I don't see you referencing Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday as one of your style icons.

Also the cool corset waist doesn't read like anything but a wide inset from afar, so if you want others to register that...well they'd have to be right close to ya. If you like it being more of a "wearer's fun detail" then never mind.

[Also also -- coming from your neck of the woods are you at all worried about a waistline like that being a sweat-catcher? I think most of your current dresses are cut the way they are for a very good reason!]

I really like the first one for you Janet, and I'm sure the alteration will be easy.

the second... while I like the dress, I'm not crazy about it on you. It's not you... it's the combo. I notice the dress, and not you. Plus, I don't think you'll be easily able to correct that bodice, but of course it's worth asking - for future reference if nothing else.

I love #1 for you! It just brings out the richness of your hair, and the brightness of your skin, and it fits you well already, so those alteration tweaks (if they're possible) would just make this look like it was custom-designed for you!

#2 - It's a very happy dress, but my immediate thought was that it overwhelms you. I don't see Janet. I see a stripey dress. It's pretty, but even going back for a second and third look, I just don't see you as clearly. The top looks much too big to my eye, and the bottom half looks a little swampy, like it's two inches too long.

I think if it's possible to take in the top, then that would change everything, including the actual length. And then I could see you again Maybe pin it first and see? That would be an expensive alteration, to not have things work out.

I like the first dress but am not 100% in love with the striped dress. I feel like the striped dress would look better on a rectangle type; I think the stripes work better with an overall straighter frame. I have this problem too...sometimes dresses that I really love just don't look the best on a curvy body.

I know what you mean about FOMO...but I hate having my wardrobe full of stuff that isn't exactly what I wanted. It feels like so much clutter getting in the way of what I actually want to wear. I would wait and see what else comes down the pike. From what I have seen of spring offerings so far, there are all kinds of new and different things being offered, and there is a good chance you will find something that you will be more sure about.

Love the first dress. It works well for all the reasons others have said. The second dress wears you IMHO.

I wish I had somewhere to wear the first dress. I would order it. Gorgeous.

#1 is absolutly gorgeous. Got the WOW and first glance.
#2 not so much, First thought full view was bath robe. I think the style and print would look cute as a top.