Thanks Toban!

Thanks Sterling! Yes, I do get hot in scarves sometimes. But it’s easy to take them off and put them in your bag (or tie to your bag) when that happens. With the blue one, I wore it to and from work, to lunch and to meet my friend. When I wear a scarf to and from work (walking outdoors) I spread it over my shoulders (like a shawl) for sun protection. I find that quite effective and not too hot. But when I am wearing it more for the aesthetic (like to meet my friend), I wear it tied or draped around my neck. That is more likely to make me hot around the neck. But the fact that I know I can take it off easily makes me worry less about overheating. (I can get panicky when I overheat.)

Thanks Mainelady! Sounds like you are a fellow boot lover. I think I got the last pair of the blue booties. I suspect that’s why they were on deep discount! I am a bootaholic and I find sandal boots are a great way to continue wearing boots in summer.

Thanks Lyn! You are always so supportive. And observant! I appreciate it.

Fab-fab-fab ! Nothing else to add. I like that you mention the temperature !

These are all lovely looks that are true to your signature style.

I have always found your accessories to be superb - but I think you have taken it to a whole new level....really nicely done here, the shoes, pendants, scarves and bags are fab.

The blue shoes are great - what a fun wildcard...they will also work with your step hem jeans?

I am very tempted by your black and tan sandals and am off to see if they are available here (and maybe on sale). They are perfect for your look and work - I really love the mixed colours.

It sounds a really hot patch in Australia at the moment....

Thanks Sally! The sandals are great. I highly recommend them. The colours go with everything. Even the little touch of pink reads neutral to me. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

I did try the blue shoes with my step hem jeans but I think the colours are a little too similar. It would be better if there were a gap of skin between the jeans and the shoes. I think they will be fine with my denim skirt. And with darker jeans, if I end up getting some this year.

And thanks Sisi!