This is all beautiful. I love the necklace layers and the use of prints--that could all feel over the top, but you've managed to do it judiciously but mixing in some classic looking solids. I too have the feeling sometimes that I need more solid basics to help me wear my patterned separates. You're doing well with the ones you do have, at any rate!

Thanks Angie and Christina! I suspect what is happening is that I am more drawn to patterned items in an impulsive way (oh, pretty!) than I am to plain coloured separates. So I end up overstocking on patterned items and relying on the same small set of coloured separates to support them (I have plenty of black separates, but I do like some colour sometimes). Thanks for your comments (and for the "K" Angie!)

And thanks Mainelady, Katerina, Barbara Diane and Chris987.

Brooklyn -
you look terrific in all your outfits and I am very inspired by your style.

Black geometrics- love, love, love. The repetition of the circles and the floral scarf with the striped top- just prefect.

The green blouse is lovely.

Like Sterling I will be interested in your final balance of statement versus solid items.

Thanks Smittie for information on how to flag a post. I didn’t know that.

Oh, Wow,Wow, how nice to see so many lovely summer outfits these days. I can't stop watching , beautiful scarfs and accessories simply you look terrific in all outfits. I can't pick favourite, better than better.

So beautiful, I love how you are making dark florals look summery and fresh. Your use of black is inspired, because it looks elegant and sophisticated and I love your use of colour. That teal wrap top is such a winner, I particularly love it with your scarf in #10.

I like the way you're using your scarves -- when they are hanging long, they almost give a vest/gilet effect. And of course the print is more apparent as well.

You're making me long for summer. You have the best outfits and wear florals so well. I really like the shoes in your finds, too.

Thanks Lynn, MJ, Bijou, Lisa and Bonnie.

Lisa, I hadn't thought about the vest effect, but I think you are right.

Lynn, I will report back. I am learning a lot in this challenge about what additions would be more useful to me versus what I am drawn to.

I agree Brooklyn - that was my main lesson as well when I did these challenges a couple of times.