Thank you so much for all your thoughts and insights on my suit threads. Just wanted you to know that while I haven't made an absolute decision, I am resting easy in my indecision and still having fun with fashion!

After all, I still have almost 2 full months for a return. I hope I won't be deliberating that long, but in the meantime, I can hang onto this and compare it to other options. I do think I will keep the trousers, regardless, because they are very good value and extremely comfortable, and I do not own blue trousers.

Meanwhile, this morning I ordered this Theory Lanai to try. Given my body type it is unlikely to be a winner, but I love the style so much it's worth a go -- I can always return it if it doesn't work. Besides, it was a YLF order! I'd had it in my shopping cart for weeks but kept hesitating. When Angie told me to try it, that was all the encouragement I needed to take the plunge. (Poor woman, she is so sick of hearing me pine for it; she wants me to put it on my body and get over this obsession once and for all!)

I also ordered the pants that go with it. Rae assures me they are not this short in real life, and there may be some additional seam allowance to let them down anyway. I ordered two sizes for comparison (and insurance). With Nordstrom notes and the sale price on these items, the total wasn't bad.

I may end up returning the whole lot, but at least I can get a sense of the fit, the style, and the quality. Another reason I sprung for this Lanai as opposed to others (in addition to the sale price) was that it is made of wool, unlike the newest ones which include a large poly component. Finally, I think there is a good chance that this soft blue-grey might be flattering to me and a nice alternative to true navy.

There's really only one place to try Theory in Toronto and they don't have all sizes or styles. Still, if this style doesn't work, but the overall fit does, I will go there. SOMEtimes you can get really lucky and find it at the Runway at Winners, but not necessarily the items you are seeking in the sizes you want. That's better for serendipitous discoveries, like the Theory slim moto pants and turtleneck sweater I picked up last year in Vancouver.

Thanks again for all your assistance and I will keep you updated!

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