Lovely, polished outfits as ever. #5 is fav, and #2 and 7 close behind.

When my husband and I talk about "where next", sadly it has become a matter of what the politics are in a particular place. Lots of lovely choices no longer options, in my mind, for so many life-important reasons like the one you outlined. Very hard time.

My guess is you still have plenty of energy, but the situation is sucking it out of you now. Hope you find a way to capture it back soon. And time is the all-important scarce resource - what will you do with your precious time?

It is so lovely to see you looking so lovely! I am sad to hear you are facing these challenges. I’m hoping things improve for all of us soon.I know how dedicated you are and how lucky your student have been to have you. I hope you can find a way to take a break from your situation and assess whether it can be improved sufficiently. But don’t sacrifice your happiness.

I’m late to this, but I always think you look so polished and lovely in your photos — and your home does too!

I’m sorry your work situation is bringing you down — this is such a challenging time for everyone in health care, and it’s frustrating to see how some states and regions treat their workers. Same goes for teachers. Our society needs a shift in priorities. Sending you good vibes.

You look great and I never would've guessed you're anywhere near retirement age.

I experienced similar culture shock moving to Las Vegas from Vermont and working in schools in both states. It was hard to wrap my head around such a completely different political culture and set of values. Now I'm in NH, which is sort of a weird mix of the two.

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!! You really are one of my curent inspiration per moment and I always love to see your colors being matchy matchy or strongly corelated to your home interior- I also love these deep shades! (sorry about the career situation, hope will pass them somehow)

There has been a large outflow of Californians to Nevada, mostly to near Lake Tahoe and to Reno. Similar migrations helped turn Austin and Portland blue. It seems likely Nevada will have similar pockets.

I am sorry to hear you are not feeling valued in your work. Especially during a pandemic. It’s baffling.

It’s always lovely to see your outfits. All the best to you.