I decided to try these while making a return at a Nordstrom yesterday. I found myself at a store that is further away from home and tends to carry more items, so when I saw the jeans there, it was a good opportunity to give them a chance. I have a couple of now slightly-too-snug jeans in my sell pile (coated AG jeans and others that should sell on eBay), so I've been carefully considering what might actually be useful for my f/w wardrobe. Burgundy is a natural choice.

Well, the Dres are a winner. I had tried them last year in the faded blue denim wash but I hated what the faded backside did to my rear view, so I passed on those. The burgundy version fits equally well but with no obnoxious hip-enhancing faded wash.

I got them in my usual premium denim size (30). I could have gone down to a 29, but I don't want any more tight skinnies -- the easy skinny fit works much better for me these days. They're even just long enough that I can wear them unrolled.

Now, if we would just get some fall weather... Heading for 93 and humid today, yuck. I wish I could wear these jeans right away -- that's a good sign!