I'm on Zoom at least 3x/day, usually at more like 5-6, always w video on. And yes, it's exhausting. I've noticed that the teams I work with have mostly reverted to "home clothes" - gear, or casual wear. It's gotten to the point that showing up in a blouse feels dressed up!

I wanted to highlight a few unexpected workhorses that I've been reaching for over the last 2 months.

CeCe top. The floral is a large print, so it shows on screen, but doesn't read as busy. V-neck is not too deep. And the top is comfortable, so I can got some meeting to meeting.

AT Sweater. Another larger floral. I initially questioned the black collar, but find it works to draw attention when in larger screen.

Nic+Zoe top. The perfect under-jacket/cardigan top. No collar, no sleeves, v-neck. Looks super-polished when I need to, but is also loose and easy for those rare times when I'm on voice-only.