Keep imo. Particularly love #6. They will take you into winter with calf-high boots too.

Oh, my! How stunning, with the tulip top! And a sweet memento that you can now wear--yay!
I like the culottes/jeans with all of these tops. The one I think is a little less fantastic looking is the gray pullover, which seems looser than the other options. I do like them with the long vest and close-fitting pullover. And I would leave them the length they are--super fab.

I like them Suz, lots of fun and you have plenty of styling options. I like them longer. I think all the tops work, with footwear I either like sandals or your Okalas, or higher shaft boots without skin showing. I suspect that will be how you will want to wear them in winter anyway, and with dark boots, dark socks or stockings will be worn I suspect.

I do however think they look fab with sandals as well. They may even work with sneakers, but I am not sure.

(Lower rise culottes styling: Tucked top with a little heel. That's all!)

Thanks Aida, but that doesn't work on very long waisted creatures like me. On normally proportioned people, sure

A lotta heel then? My torso is long too though I think yours is longer and you're long waisted (I'm short). The other thing is to go a little shorter on the pant length with the lower rise.

Well... I love them on you! You look happy wearing them.

I'm late to this thread but want to say that based on my own experience wearing and then photographing wide-leg culottes (which I later returned because they were uncomfortable to sit in, but no matter)--the leg proportion is less overwhelming, somehow, in person than in the photos. I love the drama here and I think you pull it off; in fact you've inspired me to go culotte-searching again, since we share many of the same body modifiers.

Late to the cheer squad…please just zip past if you've had enough

Love them! Love them! Love them on you! Love your styling! Plus,
what a great denim refresh!

I adore them with the vintage shell; such a great piece! They’re
smashing with the shiny Jolenes. But my favorite is with the gilet (intentionally pushing limits, yes!)!!! And I also like them with the Reiss jacket and Theory sweater.

I vote longer.

Suz, if you can pull this many outfits together in one day
in crushing heat, just think of the multitude that’s going to evolve: magic.

I like all the ways you styled them, but must say - to my surprise, love them the best with the gilet. And do not shorten them, longer length works better in my opinion.

I love your styling! You really had me at the first picture. How sweet that you are wearing your Mom's top, it looks fantastic on you. And the vintage brocade, pick me up off the floor. I do prefer the longer length with both heels and booties, so, I'm saying keep and have fun with them.

Go lady go! They are a keeper especially as styled here! Love them longer (and pls. think about how they come up so much more when seated!). I personally think the flare will soften on sides a bit(upon your legs)-may be they look a bit stiff here and I think that is the only reason which throws off some of our fabbers here:-).

I can't offer any new criticism or any criticism at all really because when I look at these all I see is Adorable. You really are a total package type of girl, the hair, the cute figure, the style, and the positivity.

Anna, I so appreciate your detailed styling ideas!! You sent me off on a pinterest search as well. I know you have been wearing these things for years already and are probably bored to tears.

My eye agrees to some extent with you about the nude shoes. In real life I think they're a bit better because they're actually pale champagne gold that reads as nude on me in the photos -- the metallic shows up more in person and played pretty well with the top. But I think I need a new pair of dressy shoes/ sandals to go with these.

I love the idea of those high heeled red Zara boots that UmmLila got. They'd be amazing. But I don't think I can take the heel.

Meneera, what a nice compliment — a mix of elegance and playfulness. I’m happy if my style includes those elements!

Caro, thank you. (And thanks for popping in). Yes, I think that’s right. I didn’t try them with my high boots but I have grey heeled dressy ones and black, both snug enough at the ankle that they could work.

Good eye, Sharan — the Zara sweater is bat wing and much more fluid. IRL it feels like it collapses on the body really well, though, and it has a lot of drape, so it might be better in person.

Sally, thank you. I didn’t dare try them yet with sneakers. But I will.

Aida, that is encouraging (for me at least, not so much for Tanya!!). I think my shape is a bit more similar to yours with the short waist although like her I have a long rise. Good tip about the shorter culotte and also, Tanya, we can think about creating a jumpsuit effect with column of colour. I think that will fool the eye and may allow us to do this.

Thank you, Anna. I feel happy when I get to try new things and I guess that shows.

KL, that is an honour — thank you! And yes, I think you’ve really hit on something. There’s something about how these photograph vs. how they look in person that is more different than most photos of my clothing, if you know what I’m saying. I guess it has to do with how they are in motion or something?

Cerinda, I could never have too much cheering especially if it is as enthusiastic as yours!

Anchie, I swear the gilet is magic. It is that special piece that is SO GOOD it elevates everything and works with everything else in my closet. It may be too warm for my summers (it certainly is!!) but it’s a great fall/ winter/ spring wardrobe maker.

It also heightens the 70s glam effect of the culottes.

Colette, thank you!! Yes, that vintage top was a great find. In my opinion those are the very best types of pieces to get at vintage/ thrift shops. They have high longevity in the closet (if you don’t mind staring at them and not wearing them often) and the often provide just the right touch when you least expect it. They’d be far too pricey new considering their infrequency of wear, yet they are so lovely to have on hand.

Lyn, that is a good point and one worth making. They should indeed soften up with wear.

Ok. Decision made. I’m going to wear the heck out of them.

THANK YOU for your comments, yay and nay. I especially appreciate the honest nays because it can be hard to be honest about our impressions and yet it is helpful for us to hear this from one another — trusted souls who love fashion like ourselves.

Awww, Isabel, that is so sweet. You just brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciate it.

Chiming in late here as I see a decision has been made, but want to express my love for this style on you. Pure fabulous going on. I'm a big fan of culotte jeans and you have just persuaded me to make a purchase of these myself with your awesome style session. I beg of you to keep the hem long. It's too special to cut off and you wear it well at the current length.

So what is your final decision?

Sterling, I'm keeping them and wearing the heck out of them. I tried them on again and basically, they are just too comfortable to let go!!

The thing about having a long rise in an era of low rise pants is that fit is often a compromise. I did eventually find some low rise jeans that were cut extremely well for my body. But it was a long process and if I misjudged, very often I'd have to be "hitching" my pants up, or tugging them down (because they tend to creep up in the you-know-where area and wedge uncomfortably if they are cut improperly in the rise.)
So belly button high rise if cut properly for my body is a kind of revelation -- it doesn't require fussing.

I love having fun with fashion and I love not fussing with my clothing even more. Put the two together and you have a winner.

And Pamela, what a nice thing to say -- thank you!

Suz, look what I just spotted! High rise, clean wash, somewhat similar vibe to Angie's gorgeous R&B pair.

OH -- LOVE them, Tanya!! I have got to check out Express.

Those are just fab.

I love them too, Suz, and am super tempted.

Keep the culottes and enjoy, Suz! You are sorted.

And Tanya found a gorgeous pair at Express. They remind me of my own black sailor pants. A FAB fit.