I love #3 and #4. What a gorgeous top. I also like the culottes with the gilet. I am also a Denim Woman so I can see wanting new styles of denim. Plus they are comfy. Lots of pluses there.

My eye has not adjusted to this look. I have a hard time liking them, but I defer to you and your preferences. If you love them, then I am prepared to like them for you.

Sterling, I love your spirit. Thank you. It is very big of someone to ignore a poison eye!

Style Fan, yes, I love this fun top. I got it for $5 at the thrift shop. A great buy with closet "longevity" as Angie says.

Angie, I took the offending photo out. The difference was flash and no flash. I couldn't control whether it went off at one point.

It seems to some extent opinions are divided according to who like and who does not like culottes, period. And I get it about the flare. I think if I keep these, I would also (eventually) want a straighter leg darker wash version more similar to Angie's.

Suz FWIW I think your winter is so looooong that if you have the footwear for it, you can absolutely swing this more trendy casual pair of cropped jeans as well as a dressier straighter pair like Angie's

Jules, you have a great eye and appreciate fashion forward looks so I value your opinion!

That is indeed interesting, Diana. I think it’s true that being a little bit straighter in build mitigates the effect.

Ledonna, you are a sweetie.

Aida, yes, we share some body type modifiers for sure. And I am relieved you like them at the longer length because it is so much more practical for my life.

Avia Mariah — I get that. They don’t drape and swish the way some culottes would (because, denim) but they do show two legs. You might be reacting to the unileg effect the way that Angie does to maxi dresses.

El Cee, yes, I was thinking that these might rescue a few near orphaned tops. Score!

Isabelle, I value your opinion. I think you are right that they are not the most flattering item on me. At the same time, they might be just flattering enough. I am not sure yet.

Smittie, you are a culottes lover!!

Sara, thanks - and thanks for letting me know it’s your sugar eye, too.

Crackers, go for it!!

Texstyle, I hear you. They do seem like a big flare at some angles.

Angie, I am TOTALLY okay with the range of opinions here. It is all grist for the mill and I’m not sensitive on this point. In the end I will decide based on how they feel and whether I can make outfits that I enjoy. I think both are in the affirmative right now.

Karie, yes, I think they are abotu 2 inches above — i will measure. I have short legs so 2 inches is like 4 inches on a taller person.

Tanya, thank you!

I prefer the longer length and think the cropped tops and gilet combination are the best, but all of the looks work. The fact that you have come up with so many options demonstrates the versatility. I think this is a bottom you should add to your collection. My only caveat is would a dark wash feel more 'you' vs the faded rendition? Or do you have the closet space and budget for more than one pair of this style?

I'm late to chime in, but I'll join the group of cheerleaders because I think these are exceptionally FABULOUS. I mean, honestly, if you want trendy denim, THIS IS IT. Love them on you. Elegant, sassy, stylish, different, confident. Really really love them.

Well, Marianna -- thank you! That about does it.

Carla, I'm encouraged you like the longer length, too, because as you know that makes them easier for us.

I think a dark wash would feel more flattering. I have a feeling that it will come down the pipe pretty soon at a reasonable price point. On sale, these were considerably less than a pair of GAP jeans, so not a major chunk of my budget -- which is another reason to keep, given their high quality. Aida's right that I could easily enjoy and use two pairs of similar pants -- one dressier and one more casual.

I just retired 3 pairs of jeans and put another in the holding zone.

They look like a fun style refresh. I like them best with the long vest and longer tops.

Well I like the grey and red booties quite. The red ones have that V-cut that reveal a little ankle structure. And the grey - well they show clearly in pics, so I can see structure that way. The dark round toe booties - on my phone here everything from the knee down is one dark blur... Probably better IRL.

I LOVE the first 4 pics with shorts sleeves/sleeveless tops and open footwear. Just lovely! I guess I like a bit of skin.

I also like the look with the gillet but I would probably try a higher shaft bootie to close the gap more.

pssst.....Don't tell anyone but after everything I said about the gillet I ended up buying the stupid thing. LOL I tried it on just for kicks on the last Saturday of the sale and loved it. Everyone around said I had to buy it....yada, yada.....and now it's in my closet. It really is a fab piece. Anyway, I tried it on yesterday with my BR cropped flares and it felt JFE to me.

1) Love them.
2) Love them full length.
3) Love them with cropped and fully tucked tops. Reining in volume on top balances the (trendy, beautiful) volume on bottom.
4) Love footwear that contrasts with dark blue jeans and shows ankle slenderness. Maybe put a pair of silver, brown, cognac, nude, etc. high shaft bootie on your winter list.

Column, that silver bootie is definitely on my wish list!! I, too, like them better with lighter footwear. Hmmm.

Marilyn, that is so funny!! We are gilet twins then!! Are you having it altered? We should meet up in the Ottawa Nordstrom's both wearing our wardrobe pets. Also, I am with you -- skin helps everything. I only wish we could bare more of it in winters. Ugh, let's not even think about it. I worked out two years ago that the main reason I am less happy with my fall/winter style is the inability to show just a little skin.

Rachy, there you go -- we like the same thing. Those booties (roundish toe) are the grey Aquatalias and they are a similar colour value to the jeans.

Sorry, but I am not a huge fan. It's certainly not because of the shape of your legs, though. I find something about the short hair at the top is skewing the balance of this look for me.

I loved them before and still love them now that you've styled them. The only thing that doesn't work so well for me is where there's just a sliver of leg showing between the top of the boot and the bottom of the jeans. More open shoes work, and so does footwear that comes up to (or beyond?) the cuff.

Incidentally these were on my rather long NAS wish list, but I let my husband prune a few of his least favorites because I really had too many things. These pants were the first to go! I think the look is too new for him. I need to give him some time, but eventually a pair may find its way to my house ...

Last comment and then I'll shut up. I think Ummlila is onto something - it may be the camera angle that is causing me to see a reverse taper effect from top to bottom. I am not culotte-averse, but I do find them a bit of a struggle especially when they are voluminous all over on a shorter or more delicate figure. I would prefer that these not bell out starting as high as they do for that reason. If I cover your head, it's hard for me to recognize you!

Now I'm just treating this as an academic exercise... Will zip it and comment no more! I'm sure you will do these justice as you always do, especially since you've already styled them so many ways.

The camera is about at hip height. I think that emphasizes the width of my hips and gives me a bit of a pin head, LOL. My head's actually quite large proportionately.

I should take a photo with my phone camera from that angle. It won't be a "true" image, either, but it would be fun to compare. It's dark here now so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

And Una, UmmLila -- I actually love to hear from those who do not care for them. I think you are seeing the same things that worried me initially in the photos -- but in fact they look a bit different in the mirror and feel really comfy and "me" -- which is usually a great sign, as is ease of styling. If you find you have a dozen tops that work and don't have to go buy a support act, well, that's pretty easy, right? Especially for a new silhouette.

Do I think they are as flattering as a slim jean on my shape? No. Definitely not. But fun nevertheless.

Mr. Suz saw them in passing. He is smart enough to mostly keep his mouth shut when he knows I am experimenting with a new item but if he really dislikes something he will say so. Today he just smiled without comment so I guess they didn't offend him too terribly. Unlike poor RunswithScissors' husband his eye doesn't seem to need to adjust!

I'm wondering if the camera angle is a bit off and distorting your body as was mentioned a bit up thread?

I am generally a culotte fan, but I have mixed feelings about these:

1. These are fairly loose, so even at the original longer length (which I prefer), will they be warm enough? I envision air going up the legs. . .

2. I wish the fading stopped higher up. I am not a huge fading/distressing fan to begin with, but I'd like the fading to stop an inch or two higher. Or not be faded at all (like Angie's).

3. I think the style of these are like really wide flares or wide leg crops. When I think of culottes, I think of something wider at the hem, so perhaps therein lies the disconnect.

How does it feel to be the queen of receiving (mixed) feedback? I hope you're not feeling overwhelmed. Sounds like you're leaning toward keeping these, especially after Angie's weigh-in.

Glad you're okay Suz, and if Marianna didn't seal the deal - I'm not sure who else can! (And Sterling is adorable).

Donna, I'm totally fine with the mixed feedback! I invited it. And I do have mixed feelings myself; the distressing is a bit more than I might like ideally. Still, the comfort is so great and the price so reasonable and I have a lot to wear with them. So I think I'll give them a bash. What's the worst that can happen? I'll look at a photo of myself 3 months from now and say what was I thinking, and put them in the donate bag? It's really not a lot to spend for a bit of fun in the wardrobe. It's the cost of 4 or 5 magazines (which I never buy, but whatever) or a couple of bottles of wine (which I do buy) or a lunch out.

I think another issue is what others have mentioned and you also refer to -- they may be called culottes but that isn't really what they are. They're more like wide cropped distressed jeans.

OK, I am back to comment in more details. As mentioned, I love this on you for precisely the reasons you mention: they are fun and very different. My favorites are the first two outfits with cropped tops as well as the gilet outfit, simply stunning. All the others look pretty good to me as well.
Of course, I may be biased, because I already own a similar pair. Mine is a bit shorter on me, minus the fancy the hem, but it is also distressed and has a similar vibe. I love all the different footwear options you have for yours. I will mainly wear mine over fitted tall boots, very 70's, to satisfy the lab dress code police I have also been playing with some possible looks and thought they were lots of fun. So much, in fact, that I have decided to turn two pairs of wide-legged pairs into two more pairs of culottes - one fairly dressy and high-waisted soft black denim, for a similar vibe to Angie's fantastic pair, the other one in tweed. I have not 100% decided on the tweed as the pants are lower-waisted which might present styling issues. Either way, I need to post both soon for opinions and length advice, and I have no doubt I will receive very mixed reviews too.

Tanya, thank you. It will be great to compare. I think you should also do those eggplant velvet pants but maybe they are not wide enough to become culottes?

I share your misgiving about the lower waist. I have a great pair of wool Theory wide legs that I never wear as such for all the reasons we have moaned about so often (dripping hems, sigh) but I suspect I would wear them a lot as culottes. The only problem is that they are quite low waisted and I think that makes styling a lot more difficult for those of us with shorter legs. (Not that you ever look short legged to me, and I predict your willowy shape will mean you get more positive reviews than I did for these culottes!)

I also want to show my other culottes, bought for $26 on final sale from BR. They have a medium to low rise. They are quite structured because of the sequins. I wonder what people will say about them? I am completely unsure how I will wear them and I feel a bit like a mermaid in them, but I love them irrationally anyway.

It turns out that I have a sugar eye for culottes, I guess.

Suz....Yes, the gillet needs to be shortened. The SA said bottom of my knee and with it pinned up I think it looks good there. Must get it done soon so it will be ready for fall.

And yes, I too dread winter dressing. I love bare arms, skirts with bare legs and open footwear. Covering up and then layering a coat on top is just dreary ***sigh***.

Whoa - the culottes of controversy! I stopped reading the comments because I was losing track of my own thoughts, but I think it is great that everyone can not only express their view but can analyze the bias that might be informing it. Pretty evolved aren't we! So, well I love culottes, I like them long (and sometimes short) and the outfits I love here are #3 (great thrifted top!), #4, #6, #8,9,10 and 11. The lighter grey top is too unstructured somehow and I like the longer length of the culottes. My sore spot is more my mid to upper body than my legs. And I think these will be workhorses for you.

I am looking forward to embarking on the culotte adventure together, Suz The velvet pants are just going to be normal cropped kick flare pants, with real flare, so in a different category.

Your sequin culottes are soo pretty! They are going to make an excellent holiday piece. I envision them with fitted black cashmere turtleneck or black lacy high-neck Victorian top. I share your taste for sequin bottoms too, as I have black pencil skirt , mentioned in your Thoroughbred thread.

I agree with you on difficulty on styling not-high waisted culottes for us not-quite long legged people ( now that is a strangely composed sentence if there ever was one). For me, at least, the main trick are going to be heels. I am also thinking of trying to style mine with either fitted shorter knit that just about covers the top of the waistband or with my black gilet so that the waist band is not the focus. If I manage to get back from work earlier tomorrow, while there still is some decent light, I will try to take some photos. Now I am thinking that your sequin culottes might look great with fitted simple black top, your gorgeous navy gilet and some fancy dark heels

Finally getting a moment to comment!

I like these much better styled, Suz, and I like the longer length best. I think the camera is highlighting the light/dark variation in the denim, and your camera placement is affecting the proportions too -- no complaints though, you heat-wave-fashion-survivor!

I think the'll be lots of fun, and am looking forward to seeing them in action!

I'm awful at commenting on posts like this because I somehow can't get out what I want to say in fashion/style appropriate terminology! I'm going to try though because Suz, I love how you show us all your different styling options and invite (welcome) genuine feedback, positive or negative. That's courageous! I sat on my Anna W picture for 2 days before I finally decided to post it.

So..I'm not one for culottes, never have been for some reason, and therefore have a biased eye...but your cold weather stylings are gorgeous (pics 8-11), so modern and striking. I love them on you, and I love that they're a little longer, almost like crops.

Also, I can see that the camera angle seems to accentuate their width, and probably at eye height angle, this would disappear.

Ok, I skimmed through the comments.
Don't hem.
I love #3, that top is so on point at the length with the waist. But except those shoes, I'm personally over nude shoes, so that's my bias. You need something different, darker.

ETA #6 looks really fresh to my eyes.

I like the silver multi strap shoes with them, but not the semi tucked top. Admittedly I'm trying to get away from the semi tuck myself.
I think mid calf boots in the winter also work.

Hey Suz. I love all the styling options!!! Actually, I can't find a single option that I don't like!

I can understand (to some extent) why some Fabbers are still not loving these culottes on you. Culottes are not everyone's cup of tea!!! FWIW, I think you're rocking these. I really like them with the cropped tops (just love love love #1 &2) but I like them just as much with faux tucked sweaters.

I think your style has the perfect mix of elegance & playfulness to be able to make these work! Plus your winter is sooooo dreadfully long, I think changing up your denims may be a good way to keep your wardrobe varied (since you have to wear sweaters & jackets no matter what).

The culottes get a big THUMBS UP from me. I wouldn't hem them....I like this length and it looks practical too.