So, just to start a new thread on the jumpsuit I’ve purchased for an anniversary weekend in a couple months. It’s green. I realized after getting rid of all uncomfortable shoes I’ve got a hole in my wardrobe - I have no dressy closed toed shoes. Whoops.

I have a bra I can wear that will work under it, so I will pass on figuring out a cami or bodysuit.

I need to decide what color to go for accessories. Here’s betting Angie will want me to wear a belt. I’ve literally not worn one in years, but i took some pictures to figure out what I like best with it - gold, black, silver, animal print. These are just a starting point to find color. I think I prefer gold or black.

Adding a few finds of what I’d like with it, if I wanted to spend the money (which I’m not sure I do on more than a piece or two). I might like the wild card of purple shoes with it too. I will wait on color before figuring out if I have the right dressy purse/ clutch. And sorry Angie, but I don’t care much about the topper. I’m always hot and can’t justify the money on anything new. It’s still in the mid to high 80s here, and it won’t get enough use.