Yes Angie - neat and tidy was for you ;).

And I’m well versed in the history and retail trajectory of skinny jeans ;). I’ve not been under a rock for the past 20 years . I only bring it up because to me there is a distinct diff between skinny jeans and jeggings ( which are the true body con / “calf suckers” ) . Anyways - I am happy see that there are others who find them flattering and useful too

Slim fit jeans will probably forever be my favorite. They look good with everything- long tops, shorter tops, boots, shoes, all of it. Your BR top looks great too.

What a great outfit and I really appreciate you walking us through the details here. I think *considered* is an almost foolproof strategy for looking stylish.

I really like the idea of having a go-to set of jewelry that works with most everything. So sensible. Now I am thinking about how the blogger/stylist Brenda Kinsel used to do accessory “bundles” that could be worn with multiple outfits. Her style was more maximal than yours but the concept appeals.

And I like your jeans! I have been one of those “you can pry my skinnies from my cold dead hands” people but recently I am like, “ok but maybe you could go ahead and pry them off my calves tho.” So yes to slim but not skinny, or skinny but not jeggings, whatever you want to call it!

Well-thought out jewelry is one of your signatures, along with immaculate grooming, and you've got it all going on to perfection here.

And if the Celine fall 2023 (!) show is anything to go by, skinny jeans are coming back next year:

Lisa - yes, I saw that on KiC the other day - validation indeed !

Beautiful look--I love the plaid sweater and the jeans look fab! I have been feeling necklaces a lot lately too, and your jewelry complement looks elegant and chic. Your coat is the creamy icing on the lovely cake :).