Hi, all!

Yesterday I reported on Angie's top tips for those who go grey, along with how or why I'm incorporating them. Today it's your turn. In this post I'll respond to some additional tips generously offered by forum members who've already made the transition. I'm not mentioning names here because the list is long and several people offered the same suggestions. But you know who you are, and I'm so grateful for the wealth of your experience.

Beginning with one of the most often-mentioned suggestions:

(1) Get a sharp haircut —well, I took care of that one, didn't I?

In all seriousness, my goal now that the dye is gone is to grow my hair very slightly into a softer (but still very short) pixie. The fringe will still be piecey and the sides also, but just a bit softer. This will take about 2 or 3 months, I guess.

(2) Go bold (jewellery)

You will notice I’ve been wearing a lot more statement earrings and cuffs. I’ve also just ordered a silver statement watch, which if I keep it, will be my first watch in years.

(3) Choose prints that incorporate white/ grey

You have seen some mixed grey/ white prints in yesterday's thread, and you can also see before/ afters in black and white prints in one of my first "going grey" threads. I'll have more to say in another post about prints and colours, but it's clear to me that for now I feel my best in prints that include white, silver, or grey. This is a shift that will have more impact on my fall/winter closet. My summer closet always included a lot of white, but I may need to do some re-jigging of my tops and scarves for the cooler months.

Pics 1 and 2.

(4) Choose grey footwear and bright footwear

I am really lacking in bright footwear but would like to add some. Silver footwear in summer is fab, as some of the photos attest — and luckily, I have many pairs to choose from. Black and white patterned footwear is also great. That makes summery weather a breeze, but how I'll deal with it in winter, I don't know. Grey footwear can be so tricky, I find -- it's easily the "wrong" grey. And that is darned frustrating.

(5) Wear high contrast

I am not a high contrast person. I have fair eyebrows (soon to be rectified, I hope), light hair, light skin. True, my eyes are darker blue. But people with my general colouring are not "supposed" to look good in high contrast.

Problematically for this theory, I've always loved wearing high contrast, and I've always worn some versions of high contrast surprisingly well.

Now...well....what do you think? A few high contrast outfits to compare. in pics 3 and 4. Pic 1 also shows a high contrast print, of course.

I'm also wearing lighter, more monochrome outfits in some of the other pics and that offers a basis for comparison as well. My prediction? Some people will prefer higher contrast, and some the softer look of the light neutrals.

(6) Black comes back — but not for all

As you can see, black never left my wardrobe. I love black -- especially with skin showing or with hits of white. My main "problem" with black, if you can call it that, is not so much aesthetic as psychological. I struggle with the depressing and "heavy" qualities of all black in our grey, grey, grey winter landscape.

Going forward, I expect to continue to wear black. Navy and ink and grey will remain my preferred dark neutrals, but I can see myself adding more black in a judicious way. (Pics 5/6 offer comparison).

(7) Get rid of brown.

Brown in my closet pretty much takes three forms: cognac accessories, leopard print, and taupe. I won't get rid of cognac; I like it with grey. Leopard is "iffier" and I might need to balance it in outfits.

As for taupe, I'm not so sure I need to get rid of it. My suit is a really soft mauvish taupe, which still flatters. (Sorry, no pic yet). This top (my only other real taupe item) is a much yellower taupe, but even this still works, I think? (Pics 7/8)

Having said that, I think I'll transition the taupe out, and include more blue-greys as I move forward.

(8) Add white, shine, silver.

You bet!! Here are a few outfits incorporating this idea.

The white shirtdress was one I picked up at Winner's and ended up keeping -- a bit hospital gown like but super comfortable in the heat. The scarf has sentimental associations...I found it among my mother's things. I had given it to her as a gift years ago. (Pics 9, 10, 11)

(9) Add softer colours or brighter colours.

Consistent with point 5, softer colours (other than white) are a bit of a bust so far. More on that in a Part 3 of my series, coming up tomorrow. Overall, my choice is going to be brighter instead. In the fall I hope to add more.

Stay tuned for my analysis of blues and more developed thoughts on patterns with my grey!

Again, thanks for reading if you got this far, and thanks also for your thoughts.

I really hope this might be helpful to others making the transition in the future.

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