So now that I am comfortable ensconced on my SIL's couch in Florida with an endless cup of coffee and a fairly decent night's sleep, I can talk about our trip to Italy. I am a nervous traveler - or anyhow a real homebody - and I prefer not to discuss our more adventurous plans until they are safely in the rear view mirror.

Anyway, en route to our annual family visit (Florida and NY) we stopped in Naples and Rome for about 4 days. Most of the time was in Naples but we managed to squeeze an afternoon in Rome.
I have been in Rome several times but never Naples and I was keen to observe the style difference between the two cities. And they are pretty major - Italy, perhaps like most places, contains a lot of variety and the Neapolitan people are historically and culturally very different.
Naples was much, much more casual than Rome. Starting with the shoes, the majority of people, local and tourist, wore flat sandals or sneakers. A good minority of women wore wedge platforms or flatforms. It was unusual to see any other heel, which makes sense since the streets are narrow and cobble stone. The women wore dresses, linen or cotton primarily. I did see a large amount of colorful wide palazzo style pants. Usually full length and matched with a tank top. Lots of makeup and almost no grey hair on any age. I would say longer hair was the rule.
Rome, by contrast, was more fashionable (as in apparently attuned to current fashion - style is in the eyes of the beholder). In our short time there I saw several women with intentional grey hair, and women tended to have more styled hair - I saw several great haircuts on the street. Also more shoe variety.
Anyhow, this is already too long. I had a major style epiphany that I will save for another post! Would love to know if this tallies up with other people recently in Southern Italy -or any other comments or reactions.
Here is a few pictures:
1. I seem to find myself outside closed shoe shops selling Fausto Santini shoes when I am in Rome.
2. The crowd outside the oldest and arguably most famous pizzeria in Naples - after we ate there !
3. I liked this woman's style (Naples pharmacy).
4. Obligatory family selfie from the Archaeological Museum in Naples.
Thanks for looking!

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