I'm starting to think about how to style a dress I bought last year for an upcoming wedding in two weeks, so I thought I'd see if anyone was game to offer suggestions for topper and shoes. Just a little background...this is way femme for my usual style, so I'm out of my element. I figured AllSaints wouldn't be appropriate for a July wedding I love the dress for Summer, with it's chiffon and colors of teal, mint, cobalt, light blue and black on a white background. The straps have a silver "napkin ring" type ornamentation on them.

At this point, I have nothing for a topper. My 1st guess would be a white linen jacket or possibly vest? The closest I can get with shoes out of my closet is my silver gladiators with white soles, but while I love that look, I feel like they may be to casual. I don't really want to buy a pair of shoes (fancy heels) that I will only wear every few years, so if possible, I'd like something that can be worn for other Summer occasions in a more casual way.

Any assistance would be welcomed with open arms!