I’ve been here more than 5 years, but have never been able to come up with a style moniker. As I was reading through every ones responds on Angie’s blog this week, I realized I really should, If not for me, than for others. A style moniker is really about identifying my brand. Not sure why it took me 5 years to get this. But now that I’m here, I need help.

Angie suggest the following:
Smart Casual Comfort
East Coast Eclectic

And now I’m asking for the YLF focus group to chime in. Do you think one of these works, which one...or a suggestion for something else. (I’m including outfit photos for the past couple of Wednesdays & Thursdays to show I’m really dressing).

And bonus if you want to help with some adjectives.
*current—not specifically trendy, but of the present time
*classic—seems like it could contradict current, but I see this as helping to round out the current. I want a style and piece that evolve and change over time, but with subtle updates
*matchy-matchy—-I have a need for making sure that my shoes watch my belt, or my top...the pictures will make this really obvious

So there’s still 2 adjectives spits open. Ideas?

Thanks in advance

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