One of my 2018 goals is to come up with my style moniker for my wardrobe rebuild process. In the past few months I've learned that I love asymmetry and close-fitting draping, and that I am not at all classic or preppy or edgy. I am very much recently pulled towards Scandinavian Chic, but with color. It conveys a natural, sporty, outdoorsy, approachable elegance to me. Items have both drape and some structure. I fell in love with several COS (Swedish) items. My favorite patterns are from nature, with florals and swirls and no strong linear geometrics. I aim towards low to medium contrast, in medium to dark saturated colors with a bit of sheen (golden or bronze). Minimal adornment, a simple bronze watch and a necklace, sometimes a scarf. I like to include both a soft (drapy or assymetric) component and more structured (e.g., pointy shoes). My first WIWs have included adjectives given by YLFers of simple, elegant, polished, precise, classy. I suspect this will evolve through the year, and with suggestions from YLF, but here's my starting point:

Modern --> simple, streamlined, tending towards minimalist

Color-rich --> saturated, bronze, medium/deep colors, metallic in jewellry (think indigo, burgundy, rust, brick, teal, dark aqua, cream with a sheen, charcoal). Not earthy, pastel, or light.

Scandinavian --> mix of soft and architectural elements, minimal adornment, chic outdoorsy/sporty element, not classic; Is this the right word?

Your thoughts and suggestions?