You know, Smittie, I am wondering if maintenance really will be easier. I'm not sure why the idea of maintenance is so scary. I mentioned in one of my posts on this thread that I had not exercised during this weight loss journey. I will be resuming my exercise program this week. That will include a combination of cardio and weight training. I'm pretty excited, but there will be muscle gain and I think increased eating. Still I'm in a really good place and I should be able to handle it.

Suzanimal! I have been busy shopping the very expensive underpinnings that Angie buys and wears. Truth be told, I have never purchased such expense underpinnings in my life.

Yet I have mentioned "rewards" in this thread many times. I was never sure what type of reward this accomplishment merited. Expensive underpinnings might be the just the thing. At least one set, anyway.

Vix -- Your post was powerful. I am so glad you brought up the Me Too movement and put it into context for me. I have felt all these complicated and confusing emotions. You said it perfectly: we simultaneously feel empowered to condemn and expose gender-focused discrimination, harassment, and abuse/violence -- while at the same time the scope and scale of this treatment leads to feeling raw and vulnerable.

I work in a previously male-dominated world (that has changed over the years). I witnessed first hand the effects of these abuses on real people (and it was across the board; it didn't matter what the company name was or what State that company was in).

The Me Too movement has allowed women I know in real life to start telling their stories out loud for the first time. Each of them starts their story with "I never said anything because I didn't think I would be believed ....." And then they watch my face/eyes carefully to make sure I believe them. It is crucial to them that they be believed. They reiterate how important it is that they be believed.

I do believe them. The emotions are so deep and so raw.

The thing is that the men seem to still think this is just a few very isolated incidents. They can't seem to grasp the scope and scale of the issue. They minimize it by breaking it down to a single women's name or a single group of women. Say how awful. Then move on as if nothing had happened.

I could go on. I am going to stop because this may not be the forum to express all that I feel. But suffice it to say, I feel this is such an important movement and that I hope with all my heart it does not loose momentum.

So glad you're buying new undies! They will make your tops fit differently.

I hope your UPS guy is as sweet as mine. My guy must wonder where I put all the stuff I order, but actually I probably return (to the store) about 80%. I nearly always regret when I don't order two sizes, because inevitably my size is the one I didn't order. And size charts don't seem to make a fig of difference.

DonnaF -- My UPS man is GREAT. I know with out a doubt that my packages will always arrive on time and that he will treat those packages as if they were his own personal property. I am lucky.

I decided new underpinnings will be my reward. Huge psychologic reward.

Ooh, new underpinnings! New underthings can really be a psychological boost.

Sterling, what a journey! There are so many things in this thread.
I wonder why you feel so sad.
Change is never easy. You have ot find back your grove.
Starting by new under-things is very intelligent.

Thanks Gigi. I decided to go to Nordstorms to have a Bra Fitting Session either this weekend or next. I'd like to buy matching sets.

Krishnidoux -- I was truly very sad. Forum Members jolted me out of that slump with their positiveness and extraordinary wisdom. I am feeling better than ever. In fact, with their help, I no longer grieve the demise of my former closet and am more than ready to start buying garments that fit my "now" body.

I will be ready to start evaluating my tops this weekend too. I might have put it on hold ... until ... forever ... but I am feeling really strong today. I am also following your new style journey and trying hard to incorporate some of that strong attitude into mine.