My goals have not changed much as I am pretty happy with my style and wardrobe. I want to simplify, edit and keep updated. That especially means replacing low rises with high ones. (This has been attempted but not very successfully so is still an on-going goal.)

I want to continue to buy less and better and environmentally and ethically sound. (check. Have made an effort by buying second hand, ethical brands that will be welcomed at consignment and some clothes made from recycled materials.)
Like you, I want to add a new-to-me color and also look for old favorites that I have not seen for awhile. ( it has been hard to find items I want, need and like I the co,it’s I want. Why, O why, must everything come in black?)
Specifically, I want to add some yellow…a shoe/ bag/ scarf compliment and find some aqua and peach, but I need to identify the right yellow…probably a soft mid-tone.( check. I have bought wide leg lemon yellow jeans and a floral tee with a yellow background. Still looking for a yellow bag that will be close to the yellow in my yellow loafers. I have not found peach but did add aqua high-rise skinny jeans ( that are not high or skinny on me)

I need to experiment with what I have and wear the heck out of it. ( have been asking myself before buying something new, if I have something I should wear I need it?)
Prints.. I do not tire of simple stripes, animal prints, leaf motifs and watercolor abstracts but need to be very picky about florals and retro. Animals in a print…not cats or anything too cute. I prefer dragons. Maybe birds. Non repeating prints are a favorite. ( so far in prints I have bought florals and one striped piece for the top with a tie at the waist trend. Sadly no dragons.)
I need to replace pencil skirts in colors and a pale grey ( remember those old Halogen skirts that came in a multitude of colors?) ( so far I have not replaced any skirts. I want to wear the heck out of those still in my closet)

One goal is to overhaul DH’s wardrobe. He needs lots of replacements and better fits and hates trying things on. (Still lots to do here. I want to shop summer sales after July 4th for this. He did get new sandals that will work for walks and one utility shorts/ shirt set. I discovered that even his sock drawer needs help.)

I want to add to my goals, better clothes for my insulin induced, more appley figure and more emphasis on transitional weight pieces, less on hot summer ( I have enough of that). Getting away from black, adding some orange/ red and some yellow and yellow-green bracelets.
I can’t seem to get rid of the find. I t was not supposed to be part of this post.