I’ll be away from home for much of August, so I figured I’d write these down while I have a bit of spare time. I have very colour-driven goals this year! My wardrobe is pretty full right now (full of stuff I love!), and I’m not in *need* of much of anything at this point. So this is purely a matter of updating with a handful of items that will work with what I have. I don’t think I’ll be changing up silhouettes very much. I’m pretty happy with a mix of wide-leg and straight-leg pants, tailored and fitted tops, structured toppers, plus a small capsule of cozy dresses and leggings. I won't be shopping until late August/Labor Day, unless I get very lucky and see something perfect while traveling (we'll mostly be in the woods, but do have a few city days planned as well).

Add some “earthy brights” -- warmer shades such as toffee, cinnamon, rust, camel, possibly mustard -- to compliment black, navy and charcoal. Particularly interested in leather and knitwear for this category, but skirts/pants might be an option too. I like the idea of white and dusty/cornflower blue as accent colours here. I already have a pair of rust-coloured culottes that I really enjoy for transitional weather, usually paired with black/white tops/toppers. A lightweight skirt for warmer weather and a full-length pair of pants for cooler weather might be an easy way to round out this capsule and adapt the basic formula for different seasons. If I add any more shoes, I’d like them to be white or brown/tan -- no need for more black right now. I’m still looking for my perfect pair of ink/navy ankle boots, but will not be actively hunting for them this year. My two pairs of burgundy boots will suffice.

Build on my burgundy/blush capsule. Again, I love the way these colours look with black, navy and charcoal, which comprise a large portion of my wardrobe. I also like to throw in some red for a tonal look, and most of my red comes out to play in cooler weather. This is a fun capsule as I now have two pairs of burgundy boots, one pair of dark red boots *and* a pair of suede blush flats, which gives me lots of outfit options for this palette, for all different types of weather. A non-gear raincoat has been on my list for awhile (I find I wear out the waterproof laminate really quickly when I wear my Gore-Tex type coats around town all the time), and the burgundy polka dots from Boden really appeal.

Look for black and navy “essential” tops. I’d really like to find a cozy navy topper -- *not* a structured blazer (though I’m tempted by all the navy pinstripes out there), probably a chunky knit cardigan (like an Irish fisherman’s sweater or Norwegian birdseye sweater), but a sweater vest or knit blazer/moto might also be options. I’d also really like to find *my* perfect black turtleneck, and if I find one I like would be prepared to duplicate in navy. It might not even be a true turtleneck, but a mockneck or high crewneck in a substantial cotton-rich rib knit.

Do NOT add: denim (would make an exception for gray or dark-rinse straight legs that fit perfectly), wool trousers, flannel shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, loungewear, leggings, lightweight layering sweaters, insulating base-layers, puffies (or, really, coats in general unless I find something absolutely amazing and special), winter accessories. Any closed-toe shoes/boots I add must accommodate thick wool socks. I have too many pairs of shoes that are only good for transitional wear because I can only wear them barefoot or with the thinnest socks.

Attaching a bunch of images and Finds for inspo. Anyone else formulating a game plan for the upcoming season?

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