I'm a bit late on this because I've had a lot going on and because I wanted to be very deliberate with this list and with my planning in general. Here's what I've come up with:

Top 3 goals:

1. Embrace my eclectic taste by creating unexpected combinations and wearing different styles together.
2. Be intentional with shopping--check items off that to-buy list and don't get too distracted by shiny things.
3. Work on adjusting day to day look to be a bit more professional for graduate school or work.

Describing my style:


To me, these are very different styles, but they can work together.

Professorial to me is an element of nostalgia and dressing the way I imagined college professors dressed when I was a kid--tweed jackets and all that jazz. It also means wearing things that are relevant to my areas of interest. I want people to look at me and think "Yep, they study psychology." I've got a "brain waves" tee (a skill with ocean waves in it), and I've got my eye on a neuron tie. This is all about dressing for the job I want and celebrating the fact that academia typically allows for a great deal of self-expression and individuality.

Witty means incorporating elements of humor in a subtle but impactful way. Graphic tees with puns and amusing enamel pins are the main ways I include wit in my outfits. I want to play with this more in 2020 and find new ways to express my wit through my style.

Punk can mean a lot of different things. The archetypal punk has wacky hair, wears a lot of leather and studs, stompy boots, creative layers, and allusions to favorite bands. All of these are elements I enjoy, but the most another is the DIY aspect of it--adding your own influence to your clothes, modifying them however you see fit, even if you don't know much about sewing and such. I hated a patch that came on a pair of jeans last year, so I ripped it off. My old combat boots lost most of their rivets, so I ordered some to replace them. I've been working on decorating a denim vest. I want more of this in 2020 because it's fun and it lets my inner artist have some fun. Another important thing is expressing political attitudes--I advocate for a lot of causes, and I want to keep wearing them on my sleeve, figuratively and literally.

Professional is another term that can mean a variety of things, depending on one's profession. I have to figure out exactly what it means to me. Trying to follow professional norms hasn't worked for me historically, so I want to find MY version of professional. It definitely includes menswear, which feels more natural to me than a lot of professional clothing meant for women (and has slacks with actual pockets!), but not exclusively, because I also enjoy flowy blouses and other soft touches. It includes varying levels of formality depending on what I'm doing (suit for interview or conference presentation, perhaps slacks and a shirt and tie for teaching if I become a TA, and dressy jeans with a tee and a smart blazer for attending classes and working on research, for a few examples).


My shopping list may change based on the climate of wherever I end up living; I have applied to six graduate programs, each in a different state and region of the country, and I won't know where I will spend the next five years until I hear back from them. Successfully adapting this list is a goal in and of itself.

A major goal is to stick to this list, barring adaptations I make based on genuine needs. I will allow myself ONE "ooh, shiny!" purchase per season. I want to shop very intentionally this year and focus on filling wardrobe holes I noticed last year.

Specific items:

Charcoal gray suit
Several collared dress shirts
Waterproof sneakers
Backpack or laptop bag
Leather flats
Trench coat
Dressier jeans
Oxfords in a couple colors
Brown or olive jacket
Smart watch (?)

Desired colors:

Olive green
Dark brown

Desired patterns/textures/materials:

Floral (?)


Once I've determined where I will be living, I will research the climate of the area and start adjusting my wardrobe to work well with that climate. I'm from Metro Atlanta, so I'm used to hot weather for most of the year, unpredictable rain in the winter, exceptionally rare snow, and having to drive more than walk.

My first goal is to get rid of most items that don't suit the climate of wherever I live (but hold onto some things because I expect to visit Georgia regularly to see family).

My second goal is to tailor my new purchases within my shopping list to that climate. If I'm staying in Georgia, I need to focus on things I can wear when it's warm. If I go to Seattle, I need more waterproof stuff. If I go to Chicago, New York, or Wisconsin, I need better stuff for winter. If I go to Los Angeles, I... need to learn more about the climate there, because I've heard mixed info.


This year is all about elevating my everyday style and expanding my professional capsule for graduate school (or employment if I don't get into a program) in a way that is true to me.

I want to continue mixing masculine and feminine clothing within my wardrobe and within outfits.

I want to seamlessly marry old-school college professor, queer punk rock, and quirky and laid back aesthetics in my style.

I want to experiment with makeup when I feel like it and play with theatrical looks for special occasions. I want to keep going without any makeup for my day to day life.

- BODY -

I want to maintain my current hair style and color. I may change my mind, as I frequently do about my hair, but I think I'm more likely to try a new color than cut.

I want to get an updated prescription for my glasses and keep the same frames I've had for the last couple of years. (I'm putting this under "body" because the prescription is the key part--things are starting to blur, so I really want to get an adjustment.")

I want to take better care of my skin and teeth (2019 saw huge improvement in hair care!).

I want to exercise more, particularly by hiking. I want to work toward my ideal body, which is strong and capable of getting me anywhere I want to go.

I want to get my first tattoo, and perhaps a second, money and time permitting.


So, that's it for now, I think. A lot about my life is up in the air right now, so it's hard to make a detailed plan or to be certain about some of my goals, but what I've written is intended to be flexible. I will make adjustments over the course of the year as needed.

Any advice from people who have been in similar life situations (not knowing where you'll end up living for a stretch of time), I'm super interested in hearing! I'm a person who really likes to have a solid plan, so this has been challenging, but I'm working on being more flexible this year and rolling with whatever happens.