I'll keep this short and sweet.

Style goals for the new year:
- Artistic
- Grown up
- Beautiful

Artistic: keep my vibe playful and interesting. Push my self to be creative, experiment further, try out new-to-me colors and silhouettes. Not be blinded by fads and unflattering trends.

Grown up: not look overly kooky. Dress modestly, deliberate, age appropriate. Elegant. Chic. Polished.

Beautiful: waaay optimistic and wishful thinking, ha ha. One of the reasons (maybe the main one even) I care about my style is because I want to look good. Feel good. Hold myself accountable to good grooming, nice hair, flattering make up, excellent posture, etc. Dress up for my family, friends, co workers and the people around me. Be the best version of me.

Also: shop less. Use what I have. Be frugal. Mindful. Not over-consume.

Added the top workhorses from my wardrobe in 2019 as finds. The newest here is from late autumn 2019 (croc bag), the oldest ca 2015 (cheap comfy knit sweater from a high street store that DOESN'T PILL! Omg)