I set my style goals in 2018 and it HELPED so very much. Angie suggested Powerful Pretty as my style descriptor. I like achieving a balance between these two. I do enjoy some hard edge elements to my style, to balance out the pretty and playful aspects. I want to retain my three style descriptors from 2018:

Polished - I feel my best when well dressed and with my hair and make up done, so I can (and do) wear distressed jeans, but just dressed up with a lace top and heels.

Feminine - I work in a male dominated field and like to counterbalance the fact that the leadership team is predominantly male. Interestingly, the better I get at martial arts (I am training for my black belt in karate, a personal goal to achieve in 2019), the more comfortable I am in embracing a more feminine style.

Playful - I enjoy a fun or quirky element or happy colours.

Wardrobe Goals

1. Be practical - only buy what is fit for purpose and don't try to shoe-horn something that I love into meeting a practical need. I have been known to wear a velvet coat out dog walking.... Texstyle said to "buy the most stylish version of practical" and this is a perfect goal for me too.

2. Do a comprehensive wardrobe edit every 6 months ahead of the season. That way, the charity shop will have a good chance of selling the items in season.

3. New footwear must have a heel height of 7cm or less. Any higher and whilst I think I will wear them, history has proved that I do not. Use the heels I currently have for more formal occasions and make sure all heels purchased are work appropriate and can be worn all day.

4. No more special occasion clothing. I have this capsule sorted. Unless I get invited to visit the Queen (or even more fun, the YLF ball), I can make do with what I have.

5. Focus on quality and fit. This is key, if something does not fit quite right I feel out of sorts all day. I need clothing that makes me feel confident and polished, so fussy clothing is not for me.

6. I have permission to buy 4 items that may not be super practical, but spark joy. One per season, not four in January.

7. Be on Team Wear - enjoy and wear the beautiful bag given to me by my husband at least twice a week and use the good crystal, china and linen.

8. Never say Never... style evolution is to be embraced.

9. Be mindful of purchases and try to buy local and ethically, either local boutiques that are struggling to survive or local designers.

10. Track my purchases for 2019 - Set a budget and track clothing expenditure. As much as I hate measuring things, I know that I want to be mindful of my purchases, this will keep me honest.