I guess these may be more wardrobe goals.
--For work attire, actually need to stay MORE neutral (including nearly neutrals) refined, serious due to the nature of my work and environmental norms. Quality, fit. Quality is relative--I still find that mid-range brands like BR, WHBM have items that are perfectly fine for my needs; don't have to go way up there. But often have to branch out to find some more interesting details. It's more about the fit and silhouette of top + bottom and footwear combos, since white coat goes over all. This also means it's not necessary to have a massive wardrobe. The seasons kind of naturally move me through some different items for temps and colors, and footwear is different (booties vs flats) so that provides variety.
--"Soften" my color palette where I can. Using the color theories/analysis just for discussion, while I'm generally a "winter", I think I'm more soft winter, toned winter, deep summer or something, and a touch neutral. Not pastels but medium colors. Seems I'm getting "dustier" and softer with age, but not too washed out. Like cranberry with a spritz of Prosecco ! , medium plums and teals, taupes. These are harder to find in good business wear AND quality fabrics, and can be get too random for mix & match which is why I've stuck to black/grays /burgundy and some cool blush. I would like to get more focused for some better colors for jackets, dresses at least.
--Capsules of complete outfits--not quarterly capsule dressing, but occasion/role outfits with 3 pieces + footwear + bag for when I leave "regular work" to run to a meeting or conference. These outfits can be stand-alone since is mostly not a travel deal, but I really want these to be sharp and yes, flattering!,modern but not overtly trendy. Need several for each season but hope to overlap some via underlayering. These are harder than it seems because the TOPPER is best if in a face-flattering color. but still quality professional look. I do have good leeway to be non-corporate, which allows for knit jackets, safari/utility, even the right cardigans, if not too casual,and these are more available in colors. This is MY goal for how I want to look and not really necessary for career, etc.
--I still mostly wear "incomplete" outfits for regular workdays, so it's very okay to have a good assortment of top+ bottom (and shoes of course) but I tend to overstock those essentials--such as too many tops that can't be part of a complete outfit as above.
--Keep working on casual capsule of washable items for grandchild visits and this needs to include travel capsules of items that I love ,hence will reach for. The tops really need to be fluid and long enough, because I feel better with a good "back view" when just wearing say, jeans and top. Very well color-coordinated so don't require agonizing amount of packing time or over-packing to make outfits.
--Use selective workwear in other ways--like Angie's sweatshirt/skirt post, or wearing a dressier item (maybe one of my new dressy skirts) for a more casual outing than I might otherwise. I already do this a fair amount. It fits in with getting more use out of the items while they fit and I like them.
--Footwear--must get MORE picky re toebox room, low heels, even though a slightly pointy toe really looks "better", esp with skirts, my feet are rebelling.
--"Silent striding style" is a footwear goal. I notice I feel great when I have very low heels with rubber tread and so walk swiftly, no clack-clack, no teetering. Yet I like leather and stacked heels, prefer sort of more refined look than some of the the molded rubber comfort shoe when I can. I will visit with local cobbler shop to put rubber heel or something if shoe fits great but is "noisy".
--Loungewear of non-jeans --doing pretty well for warmer weather but I run REALLY cold in winter and basically need fleece--so it's harder to keep from looking baggy. Vs., doing a lot of serious underlayering.
--Item goal of a new pair of jeans, maybe 2, one full-length version of darkwash smart casual and maybe a new cropped or what is current version. Of course I would like these to be fab, so dread shopping for them.
--Swimwear capsule. Oh dear. Made some headway last year with cute swim shorts but were some specific, fun colors and the the coordinating tankini tops were sold out, so this year hope to scope out solid tops that go .
--Overall try to get more focused on several looks that work well and discard more than I add.
--Have played with style adjectives before but haven't felt I quite got it, and do not have a style moniker at all. May play with those some more for fun..

Thanks for reading!