I like setting goals for most aspects of my life, but have never done this for my wardrobe. My reluctance has been in part to not take the fun or spontaneity out of my evolving style. YLF has been great in helping me realise that my previous approach led to purchases that whilst may have been lovely, were unnecessary and not suited to my lifestyle. I now think planning and goals will make 2018 even more fun because my choices will be better.

My style descriptors, I will happily take on board any suggestions to these, this self analysis is hard:

Polished - I like to look polished even when wearing casual clothing. I feel my best when well dressed and with my hair and make up done, so I can (and do) wear distressed jeans, but just dressed up with a lace top and heels.

Feminine - I really love urban pretty and happily wear colour to work, rather than the usual black, navy and grey uniform, although I do wear these colours too. I work in a male dominated field and like to counterbalance the fact that the leadership team is predominantly male. Interestingly, the better I get at martial arts (I am training for my black belt in karate), the more comfortable I am in embracing a more feminine style. Ms Mary and Brooklyn are great role models in being office appropriate, glamorous and fashion forward.

Playful - I enjoy a fun or quirky element to dressing, a pom pom on a colourful bag when worn with a serious suit makes me happy.

Wardrobe Goals

1. Only add what I love and what I will use. New colours to freshen up my wardrobe in 2018 I like are teal, turquoise and lilac / ultraviolet but this may change depending upon how I feel at the time and what inspiration I get from YLF. When I add a new colour, I will do so in a capsule so that the addition works. I did this with red and blush in 2017 and found integrating these colours to be effortless.

2. For every piece into my wardrobe, at least one piece must come out.

3. No more black clothing unless the piece is a standout or a basic that I need.

4. New footwear must have a heel height of 7.5cm or less. Any higher and whilst I think I will wear them, history has proved that I do not unless attending a formal event (which only occurs about every 6 months). I can keep three pairs of heels higher than this for dressy events, but will not buy any more.

5. Focus on quality and fit. Clothes that are ill fitting or of poor fabrication do not deserve a place in my wardrobe and need to be filtered out. Fluctuating between 2 sizes has been a real issue for me for many years, a problem that I know is not unique to me.

6. I have permission to buy 4 items that may not be super practical, but spark joy. One per season, not four in January.

7. I am happiest with good quality but not obviously designer pieces. My fun Furla monster bag I happily use it, but a really expensive Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Prada bag, I would rather spend the money on something else ... I will happily admire these beautiful items on others and love mid range items that I don't feel so precious about for me.

8. Never say Never... style evolution is to be embraced.

In finds are the early additions to my Winter 2018 wardrobe. My winters are very mild with only rain, no snow. I am definitely a YLF lemming with the two Angie pick Boden blazers, they are sublime. The dress and handbag were purchased on a birthday shopping spree and can be worn 12 months of the year for me.