Some things I plan to work on this year. Very slowly, because of budget constraints, and because I don’t want to make mistakes.

1. I need a pants refresh. This year I’d like possibly a new silhouette and the shoes to match it. I Need an everyday pair that is comfortable to chase little boys in but looks better than say, ponte or yoga pants. I’d like navy pants and a burgundy pair.
2. I have very very worn brown and cranberry pieces that I miss wearing. I’d like to update with burgundy and blush pieces.
3. I keep getting photographed in the same skirt and dress over and over. Starting the search for a new dress. My HEWI is a navy eyelet sheath dress that fits perfectly and has sleeves and a v neck or boat neck.
4. I persist in wearing cardigans because they’re practical but in pictures, they’re not making me feel fab. Time to update with new shapes or with jackets instead.