I've been in and out of YLF (lurking!) for the last few months, but I've been very energized by all the style goal posts and I hope you won't mind one from me too. I feel a deep need for this kind of assessment because 2017 meant a lot of change for me that ultimately affected my wardrobe and my sense of style. We moved to a small house in the city (half the closet space meant paring back, more dog-walking meant more casual looks, etc.), I started helping my daughter plan her wedding (distraction, expenses, etc.), and the second half of the year I experienced a major work slowdown (budget).

This work slowdown with very little travel after July, coupled with moving and renovating, had the strongest effect because I really lived in the most basic casual clothes for months. And I sort of forgot how to dress professionally in a way that feels most me. Now, work is back up and I have a lot of travel on my plate, and I don't know what the heck I am doing. So, I am hoping this review will help.

The major style accomplishments/changes from 2017:

  • I'm finally almost over skinnies (I still have three pairs, but that is all, and I cannot imagine buying another pair)
  • I've fallen for higher-rise pants - 10-inch rise, in the right cut, can work well even on my short-waisted body (not sure how but it's true).
  • I still love cropped pants with a flare or wide leg.
  • I purchased several dresses and wore them more often overall than in years past, but not enough given how many I have/bought.
  • I still struggle to find footwear that is both comfortable and fashionable. I love a small block heel (up to 2") but really have trouble finding shoes that hit all the sweet spots for me. I am picky and my feet can be fussy.

Goals for 2018:

  • Create a true travel capsule, with 10 defined outfits that are suitable for travel. (Thank you, Lisap!) (Defined meaning: head to toe, photos taken, and posted where I can consult with them when packing. I need to think in outfits.)
  • Follow this style transition that is unfolding. Moving from skinnies to some wider legs does alter my silhouette and I need to think more about what this might mean.
  • Continue working toward the most intentional purchasing possible. I am always driven by emotion, which I think makes sense with fashion, but I can be easily swayed by someone whose style I admire. Slow down!
  • Track purchases and track wears of new items. Tracking is not something I am excited to do, but understanding how often I am wearing new items feels like it could be very helpful in supporting my goal to be more intentional.
  • Wear my dresses. As soon as the snow stops falling.
Thanks for listening!