Do you have someone (other than Angie and your fellow YLF'ers) who lets you know when you've made a fab choice for your style?

Laughing at myself because I had my hair cut last night and was wearing these earrings (see pic) which are new to me. My hair stylist, M, is very stylish himself and when you arrive he gives you the once over and just once in a while he'll drop the ultimate accolade (well for him) which is "Oooh I really like the <earring or bag or coat etc> action". I've been seeing him for years and its a relatively rare thing for him to say. Somehow I always feel like I've got a gold star LOL and usually it is something that is a bit of statement piece for me or a little outside my usual zone.

Always know I've kicked a goal with an item or an outfit if M bestows his seal of approval