I am enamored with the idea of buying entire outfits (as opposed to sensible individual pieces that you can wear with everything). I think my wardrobe in the past has been very safe and very boring. I think it is time to introduce new colors and new ideas to shake things up a bit.

So when I see a featured outfit that I love, I am going to try to buy all the pieces together. This is risky because if one of the pieces does not work (skirt is too short to wear to work) then I will return the entire outfit.

On top of that, I am trying to practice One In-One Out. So that the outfit below would translate into three pieces being eliminated from my wardrobe. Based on comments from wiser people than me, I am not going to do One Skirt In-One Skirt Out. Rather it will be One Skirt In-One Pair of Old Jeans Out. One White Blouse In-One VERY SHEER White Blouse Out. One Fabulous Red Sweatshirt In-One ? Out.

Makes more sense.