I have enjoyed reading other people's views so will share a bit more about what makes me tick.

I don't do a lot of analysis of myself - and I have focused on the aspects of myself relating to style and personality.


  • We all have to get dressed so let's look wonderful and make it a joy! Putting on a fab outfit doesn't take much longer than putting on a drab one!
  • Looking great is about flair and attitude more than money or gender or size or culture.
  • Don't take it too seriously! Clothes can be taken off at the end of the day and for me are a fun part of life.
  • I strongly dislike looking the same as others. I love my sisters but always have a different haircut and avoid the clothing labels and styles that they gravitate to. I am not especially creative or original in my clothing choices but I don't want to look like a clone or cliche.
  • I love being part of communities (family/whanau, neighbourhood, sporting, old friends and of course YLF).


  • The most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already own. My goal is to wear out my clothes as I tire of them.
  • When I make mistakes - try to recognise this quickly and either return the piece, or sell or donate whilst it is still desirable.
  • Some of my favourite people in the world have little interest in clothing, or can't afford new pieces, or find sizing a challenge. I love style and fashion, but I don't expect everyone to do so.


  • I am an extrovert, and I believe I am an ENFJ or a Protagonist. (The E and I and the P and J are pretty close though - whereas I am strongly an NF).
  • I am very tolerant and good at reading a room and understanding how to approach matters to get the outcome I want, and what is best for others.
  • I am a natural leader and often end up in this role without seeking it.
  • I am reliable and if I say I will do something I will follow through.
  • The downside is that I can struggle to make tough decisions (I am facing this right now) as I can empathise with others point of view sometimes too much
  • I am also a little unpractical and clumsy - still cannot change a bike tyre and always struggle to open cans with our can opener. I lose my car keys all the time (and sunglasses too....)
  • I am not a perfectionist (boy do I know a lot of perfectionists though). My house is not always immaculate, my hair can be pretty casual, one day I wear fantastic make up - the next none!
  • I don't really like a routine - a bit like Jenn and La Ped I am a bit of a novelty seeker ( but living a pretty conservative life in a lot of ways - but I do rail against this)

Thanks for reading- I wonder if you can see aspects of this in my style choices.