It's taken me a while to come up with, but I think I have solidified my style and shopping goals. I like the idea of having them clearly defined, as hopefully that will prevent any of the buyers remorse I experienced last year. Without further ado, they are:

1. Only buy pieces I truly deeply love. Not because it's on sale and fits into my budget, not because it looks great on someone else. This has been my downfall in the past, but no more.

2. Completely purge my closet of any items I don't truly, deeply love. Unless its a one of a kind piece and/or I'm undecided because it's newer and I haven't had the chance to wear it much. Not the things I keep holding onto just to "have more clothes." I'm not 16 OR poor anymore

3. Focus my purchases on key items I've wanted for a while but forfeited in lieu of more, other, cheaper things. Those would be:
- brown riding boots
- a couple quality pairs of neutral heels; definitely need black, perhaps navy, grey or nude. I'll have to evaluate what I'd wear them with to see which will be most useful
- pieces with more vintage of a feel like a-line skirts and dresses, very feminine tops
- items of the plaid, leopard, polka dot or striped persuasion

I think this about covers most of it.