This post is not really a question, just some introspective thoughts on my style journey from the last two years.

Next month we will celebrate my son’s two year birthday (so soon!) and I’ve come to a realization. I’m finally ready to accept that - despite my pre-baby efforts to define a timeless personal style and invest in quality garments - I’ve still had to replace about half of my wardrobe after dear son was born.

Some of my problems with overshopping last year were definitely emotional: it’s been a turbulent period. But some of it I now realize, had to do with a failure to recognize how much my body AND my sartorial preferences were changing. I was shopping without knowing exactly
where either of those two would end up. I don’t feel guilty about it: I needed something to wear, if just because I couldn’t turn up in joggers at work, and I also craved a style injection. I didn’t shop haphazardly: I actually read a book reco from the forum and looked deep inside. (Perhaps too deep, into abstraction). I made mistakes and spent good money on items I don’t wear. I also spent money on items that I do wear, sometimes more than expected. You win some, you lose some?

So all in all I’m coming to terms with how long it takes, and unfortunately (especially from a sustainability point of view), how much trial and error it takes, to rebuild a wardrobe when both your body and your style preferences have changed. And it’s not abnormal for them to have changed in three years time (pregnancy included)!

I finally feel like I’ve found my new style direction and have a working wardrobe of essentials to match, see some in finds below to get a general idea. What’s left now is to wear the heck out of it and add as I find elements missing. And… to decide on what to do with high quality items that I no longer enjoy wearing, like skinny jeans and sweater dresses that used to be staples. I know most of the advice runs towards
selling/donating, but I am personally leaning towards long-term storage in our garage. By now I know styles and preferences come back around but great fitting quality pieces can be expensive and hard to find….

I’m even back to snapping the occasional WIW (the fact that we now have daylight before and after work helps). So stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing my new style direction take shape...