I came up with Relaxed Polish for a style moniker and now I’m thinking about key adjectives. Here’s what I have so far (which may change as I think about this more):

Practical – This doesn’t mean wearing shoes that I can walk 3 miles in every day. It means wearing the appropriate clothing for the situation. Sneakers for soccer games, heels for work, boots for cold weather, etc.

Modern – I like to stay current and play around with some of the current trends.

Feminine – I’m not comfortable in any clothing or shoes that are too masculine. This doesn’t mean girly or cute though.

Playful – I’m using this to bring in the pattern and bling element of my outfits. I generally don’t like to wear solid blocks of color so I need some pattern or bling to break things up. Almost all my outfits involve jewelry of some sort and I feel incomplete without at least one piece – usually a necklace but also bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Sleek – This goes along with Polish but also works to keep me away from ruffles and anything too cute.

What do you all think? I found the comments on my previous post on Style Monikers to be extremely helpful and insightful.