One more "stupid magpie" example, then I'll go be productive

These loosy goosy asymmetric tunics are the ones remaining, but still kinda overkill in abundance! I do tend to reach for leggings though in deep winter when I can't be bothered with real pants, and I do like these over tube skirts too. But firmly on my do not buy more list now!

The tie dye I can rein in the volume by tying it on the other side. Strictly weekend wear of course.

The other 3 I've worn to work. The dark green though needs a cami under it cause it's sheer. It's the most fitted of the lot though, by far.

That said, none of them are very warm, and I end up having to wear my loosy goosy maxi cardis over them in deep winter. I really *should* have a warm tunic or 2 for leggings for the bitter cold days.

So there you have it! STs stupid magpie collections