Just to be clear, I use "stupid magpie" affectionately But it's also a warning to myself to not buy so many of these things at once!

Category #1...bell sleeves. Not trending now, but still in my closet...in abundance!

The dresses: green velvet- great for holiday parties, Christmas church...hopefully I'll be able to wear it this year!

Burgundy sheath- mine is more purple IRL. Was part of my first Killer Sleeves are heavy though and problematic under coats, but the dress is warm.

Black shift- it's very lightweight. Good for easy witch costume or holiday parties when it's mild out. Definitely too thin for real winter.

The blouses: black- can't have too many black blouses right? It's been a workhorse.
Hot pink- I like with burgundy and brown, but not with black/navy/purple. Wouldn't buy again.

The maxi cardi. This thing is as warm as a wool coat, but too long to wear under coats. Swishy and fun ocassionally, but the sleeves are damaged a bit.

Anyone else go overboard on stuff when it's trending?