I know - there are so many essentials posts on the forum this week that it's hard to focus on them all, so I'm writing this perhaps for my own purposes. Every year when the essentials discussion appears on the blog and forum, I'm reminded how weak my wardrobe is in this category. I experience a constant struggle and quest to find the perfect pieces: black trouser, silk tank or cami, perfect blazer, perfect jeans, perfect t, etc.....and because I'm never successful, I lose determination and end up with inexpensive, poorly fitting placeholders. The cycle repeats itself over and over again. Hence my drawers full of GAP jeans, and random synthetic poorly fitting shells and tanks. UGH. I am not drawn to that kind of clothing at all, unless I'm in a store that carries higher-end lines....and that's where I can get excited about a plain black tank or great looking jeans. But - it's tough to sock money into great essentials and have anything left for the fun stuff. That balance is my struggle.

April so kindly and thoughtfully recommended an Eileen Fisher cami,, which I promptly ordered a version of . But at close to $200 , it's a budget eater. I'm trying to train my brain to spend more money on the essentials and less on the fun stuff....and only wish there was more to choose from at retail here. I'm losing my way, friends , and wish I could focus on getting my closet sorted out....or having I been saying that for 4 years here now?


Thoughts, jokes, etc, always welcome .