I have been enjoying this boxy mauvy-blush sweater due to its being a heavy cotton knit so it's not moth-bait, and it can be worn in several seasons--cotton is comfortable and then can be layered under. Mostly have worn it with pencil skirts.

With my flowy high-volume pants and culottes, I have to watch out for putting volume over volume, but sometimes I want to try something boxy or not tucked.

I'm thinking this sweater can work with the wide trousers because though it's not slim-fitted, something about the high neck and the thick knit make it more structured than loose and flowy.

I have had trouble with a lot of typical square boxy tops in woven or scuba fabrics (BR had a lot of fun such tops--you know without shoulder seams but cut like a "T" shape ) because something about my shape or posture (or, "it's the clothes! ') makes them stick out in front like a babydoll top. But this knit lies better while still being a little boxy.

It's not quite as short as may be ideal, but with the pants' lower rise I need the length, and too-cropped things are dicey at work.

Do not have a pic now, but is there some sense in that analysis for combining big over big?