Hey! I had to come and say Lupin was an excellent recommendation! It’s the first time in ages I’ve enjoyed something without exploding spacecraft, magic wands or zombies Lol

The White Lotus is crazy but very much worth watching. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes hilariously awkward. Jennifer Coolidge (from Best in Show, etc) is outstanding, as is Steve Zahn (Treme, etc).

I’m now watching Succession (HBO) which is another slow motion train wreck drama, and with some LOL moments.

Also started Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu) with Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.

@ racheylou - I watched Lupin after it was recommended here, and really enjoyed it too!

We just finished a six episode series called River on BritBox. Stellan Skarsgard and Nicola Walker were the leads. I thought I hadn’t seen him before, but he was in Melancholia. She was in MI5. It was excellent.

Loving Lupin! Just started season 2. And watched a few episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers which I'm finding just ok, despite the star cast.

Just watched, and enjoyed, Hang-Ups on Hulu, based on the concept of Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy from a few years ago, and is a little frenetic. Also enjoyed Sick Note on Netflix (Rupert Grint from Harry Potter fame), though they didn't end it well - guess they were expecting a 3rd season that will not happen. Both are comedy/dark comedy.

Watched the trailer for the new Steve Martin + Martin Short series that's coming on Hulu - looks great!

White Lotus was CRAZY. In a good way!

Hubby and I watched all six episodes of The Chair on Netflix the other night and loved it. Sandra Oh is fantastic!

Also enjoying Season 2 of Ted Lasso (the Christmas episode in August was just what the doctor ordered!), and liking Schmiggadoon, although not, perhaps, as much as I wanted to.

I’m a *little* tardy, but finally watched Friday Night Lights - loved it!

agree with janet - mare of east wick is very good!
I loved succession!!!!!

we are currently watching seven seconds on Netflix.

Late to the conversation. Fun thread! Another thumbs up for Mare of Easttown and The Chair. We are currently watching Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Love it!

I liked The Chair, because I love Sandra Oh, but have to agree with friends who are professors that it was a little heavy on the cliches of doddering clueless professors and super woke students. (They said they couldn't watch it after the first episode) Interesting fact, it was filmed at 2 colleges in the Pittsburgh area. Speaking of Sandra Oh, we re-watched Sideways over the holiday weekend. I think it's in my top 20 favorite movies!

Just finished the 4th season of "Unforgotten" on PBS/Amazon. Heavy and sad, shocking ending. Really well done. I love the lead actress, Nicola Walker.

I stuck with Physical on AppleTV. Rose Byrne was outstanding. Recommend it, despite the subject matter. Wish I had something bigger than my iPhone to watch these great shows on, though. Enjoying Ted Lasso in miniature!

I am back. Ok, how have I missed "Goliath" for 4 years?? Sucked into it now!

Gave up on "Nine Perfect Strangers" and did not like "Clickbait" which had been recommended by a friend, so stopped after a few episodes.

Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. I love it!

we love "What we do in the Shadows" Sarcastic and funny, enjoying the new season.

Just started "Reservations Dogs" Hulu, Director Taika Waititi, highly recommend. Great young cast & Indigenous production team. Smart, funny, sad. Good to see some contemporary portrayal of Native American life.