I purchased 4 light-weight sweaters recently - same make, same model, different colors. The fabric makeup is 53% cotton, 40% nylon, 7% rayon. They wrinkle quite easily.

On blogs, IGs, etc., closets are often shown with folded sweaters stacked on shelves. But when I do this they get wrinkle lines where the sweater is folded and the sweaters at the bottom of the stack are REALLY wrinkled from the weight of the others. This is a particular problem with these new sweaters, but the same happens with my cashmere sweater although not near as bad.

I've moved them off shelves and have them "hung" using the method shown here: https://unefemme.net/how-to-hang-sweaters.html. But I'm not sure this will solve my problem as the sweater is still folded, and I'm seeing that I still get some fold lines (although not as much as when they are folded and stacked).

So... how do you store sweaters so they don't get wrinkles or fold lines? [Or maybe I am just forever doomed by the fabric content. ]