Who among you thinks this dressy short trench would work as a topper for my Holiday outfit? I'm looking for an option that will play down the prom/bridesmaid vibe of the dress. And I'd like to find a coat that I would purchase on its own merits rather than buying something *just* to make the dress work. My first choice is a wool car coat/walker/cocoon coat in a pretty color, but I've not seen the right one yet.

I've shown the items for the proposed outfit.

*Even though I like the dress and I had it collected in Finds for a long time, I'm starting to think that a long-sleeved jersey dress might be a better choice. I really struggle with "fancy" so it's hard to push myself to find something that feels authentic for the once or twice a year that I'd desire to wear something like this...it's kind-of, by definition, outside of my comfort zone.