Changing this post entirely.

I haven't ruled this out completely, and the fact that I'm still thinking about it suggests to me that I should still think about it.

Does anyone remember the price on this bag? I could swear it was over $300, but now it's close to $200, with no notes about % off or anything. The "people also viewed" section lists it at 272 Euros, but when you click, it shows up at 190.62 Euros. I truly need a price changeologist to help me figure out if they are overstocked so needed to move, or if they're almost gone.

If I get it before I have a job, I think I would still go to interviews carrying just a folio and decide whether to keep the bag or not based on office norms.

I can't look up the current price on the US Kate Spade website, because I get automatically rerouted to the UK site, which appears never to have carried them.