I’ve seen the cost of certain fashion items referred to as ‘eye watering’, spendy, high priced, expensive, a splurge or reasonable, affordable, or cheap, a deal, a steal. I recognize folks have different budgets and weigh lots of factors when apportioning $ to wardrobe. For example, some don’t bat an eyelash at laying down $200-$300 for premium denim, whilst other folks draw the line at jeans costing over $100.

From ‘wear counting’ experience, the durability of all but the most poorly made items is about the same. After a certain number of wears a garment, shoes, or bag will either fail or breakdown such that the appearance is unacceptable or it no longer serves its function (shoes loose cushioning and support, bras stretch, etc.) So, what justifies the difference between a $25. white v-neck t-shirt and a $100. white v-neck t-shirt? What makes a $900 pair of loafers better than a $350 pair, or a $150 pair (all 3 leather and comfortable)?

This can apply to all sources of shopping, because even second hand (consignment, thrift, etc.) has low and high prices.

Do you take a ‘pass’ on an item if the price is beyond a certain price point? What would motivate you to move your price point? What would inspire you to ‘splurge’ on something?