Still on my bag hunt. It's been 6+ months and I still haven't found The One...and since I'm not one to collect bags I'm still hoping to hold out for true love.

I had high hopes for this one. It has the 3 inside pockets in the configuration I like best, plus one outside one. The color would work well for me and I like the shape. Unfortunately the strap length was a deal breaker. That model must be quite tall because I'm 5.5 and the top of the bag hits my low hip worn on the shoulder. The bottom of the bag is down to mid-thigh, almost close to knees. I couldn't just reach my hand in to get something, I'd have to take it off my shoulder and do it two handed.

I know it is intended to be both shoulder and cross body, but it's even quite long cross body and I wouldn't want to wear it that way most of the time. I could take it for extra hole punching but I pulled it up to the length I think I would want and that would leave more than a foot of extra strap hanging off. I think any cutting and repair to shorten it would be obvious so I returned it already.

My current (quite worn) bag hangs kind of underarm length. The bottom settles right at my waist. I'd say that's a flattering length because it fits against the body instead of bouncing along at hip level, but the downside is having to slip one strap off and crank my arm up if I want to get something out while my other hand is full. And this is a usage that happens routinely...getting keys out while my arms are full of other things.

So...all you experts: what have you found to suit you best as far a strap length, and why? Thanks!!