This is my first thread here! Looking forward to suggestions from you lovely folks :-).

I am returning to my professional career at the end of this year, some of which will be office work and some of which will be business travel to classes where I will be speaking/teaching. One of the things I desire most is finding clothing that is both versatile and durable, allowing it to transition between seasons and professional/casual settings and lacking any fussy care needs. This seems to be a nebulous category that doesn't quite exist on its own in the larger market. Individual items that meet these criteria are hidden in their respective categories and thus hard to search for.

I typically find that items that are intended as 'gear' (from outdoor brands) have details that are too sporty that keep them from going undercover as proper clothing. And fashion items seem to lack the durability or easy care that the outdoor brands offer.

- Can be machine washed
- Wrinkle resistant
- Adequate stretch to be comfortable for long wear
- Functional details (actual pockets, rubber soles on shoes, etc)
- Professional-passing

Much of what is out there seems to fall into 'travel' clothing, but upon closer inspection even those brands/packing lists seem to have a lot of jersey (that fades/pills/looks very casual) or is full Chico's. Nothing against Chico's, but a boxy synthetic tank and wide full length pants do not a wardrobe make :-). Athleta is moving into this area a bit (and offers petites, bless them) but again just items here and there.

I want things that wear like gear and look like fashion, Stealth Gear!

Thoughts, suggestions, and commiseration welcome :-).