I'm loving all the essentials posts. I've been reading them all, even if I haven't had time to comment. When I started doing the 5 piece, I struggled with the concept of essentials. Part of the problem was that they use basics as their term. This caused me two issues, I get bored with basic things really easy and that I was telling you all on YLF that I'm well stocked on underthings. Mentally switching to essentials helped me to communicate better and to better conceptualize those items that allow my statements to shine.
Statement stompy footwear is the heart and soul of my style. Without it I am wearing someone else's clothes. For the most part, I have been consistent throughout my lifetime with it. Most of my footwear is statement, except for the silver Ecco sandals (these are vacation workhorses) and some winter boots.
My bottoms need to work with my footwear. Most of my bottoms are essentials that include skinnies, leggings, and a few straights. Crops that show the sliver of leg work also, but are really hard to find. Too much leg just looks like I threw on shoes in the dark. I don't have anything lower vamped at present. Most of my bottoms are plain, but I have a few patterns. I'm more likely to wear color on my bottoms, including black, grey, navy, various shades of denim, greens including olive, burgundy, teal, and eggplant.
My tops are split between statement and essential pieces. Most include some type of interest like asymmetry, texture, or mixed media. The lines between statement and essential are blurred here and that's ok. My ultimate essential is this EF linen top. It goes with everything and I truly cannot get dressed without it. Colors are black, ink, olive, and grey.
Most of my toppers are statements, but I need a few essentials to go with the patterned bottoms.
Coats and jackets are mostly statement with a few basics thrown in.
Why does this all matter? Understanding this keeps me from investing in too many wrong pieces that will ultimately become orphaned and purged with very few wears. It serves as the method to the madness that is my postapocolyptic wardrobe. I may like a few items in theory (blazers I'm looking at you), but I just don't reach for them. Ever. I like flares, but I run into that pesky someone else's clothing feeling with the dainty pointy toed heels they are worn with.
If you got this far, thank you. All feedback is much appreciated.