Just for fun, and out of interest, what sort of statement pieces do you wear?

1) Tops- tees/blouses/shirts
2) Jackets or coats
3) Bottoms - pants or skirts
4) All over - dresses or jumpsuits
5) Footwear
6) Bags
7) Other (scarves, jewelry, glasses, hats, wigs)

Over recent years I have worn more statement tops with simple pants or jeans....the emphasis has been on the top in terms of interest.

But this summer I am leaning to simpler tops and bolder pieces on the bottom - skirts and pants. I do have a couple of patterned tops but I am enjoying patterned skirts a lot!!

I am always partial to statement dresses, they are always one of my favourites . I do like statement shoes but I would say mine lean to essential pieces more than statements, and my bags are definitely essentials.

I love bold hats and sunglasses too.

So for me, at the moment, it is 3 4 and 7 that I am enjoying the most.

Over to you - what are your winning statement pieces?